Myst – Masterpiece Edition

Many gamers play videogames for escapism. If escaping somewhere a little more sedate than futuristic battlefields or zombie infested post-apocalyptic wastelands is your thing, Myst might just be the…

Amber: Journeys Beyond

There are some ghostly goings on in an old house in North Carolina. Your enthusiastic ghost hunter friend Dr. Roxanne Westbridge is already on the scene, testing out her…

The Neverhood

Critically acclaimed upon release but largely overlooked by the game-buying public, this curious little claymation adventure game has become something of a cult classic. In the game, you’ll guide…
atlantis 3 cover

Atlantis 3 – The New World

Mysterious Egyptian tombs, magical relics, power hungry bad guys and hammy acting. Atlantis 3 – The New World (known as Beyond Atlantis 2 in the USA) has all the…

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

The enduring legacy of the Titanic disaster continues to inspire popular culture to this day. In 1996, Cyberflix Incorporated decided that PC gamers would like the opportunity to look…

Grim Fandango

Something is rotten in the land of the dead and it’s not just the flesh on the recently deceased corpses. For down on his luck travel agent Manny Calavera,…

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