Myst – Masterpiece Edition

Genre: Adventure
Release Year: 2000
Developer: Red Orb
Publisher: Ubisoft
Age Rating: Everyone
Playability Status: Playable (with significant issues)
Tested On: Windows 8 x64
Availability: Copyright retained - Still sold

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Many gamers play videogames for escapism. If escaping somewhere a little more sedate than futuristic battlefields or zombie infested post-apocalyptic wastelands is your thing, Myst might just be the kind of game you can get lost in. Set on a beautiful but surreal island, you must explore the mysterious locations and solve the various puzzles to uncover pages left behind by the mysterious scholar Atrus. Players are free to explore the island and tackle the puzzles at their own pace, making Myst a game that appeals to the more cerebral player.  Originally released in 1995, the game went on to become one of the best selling PC games ever and the series is second only to The Sims in total sales worldwide.

The Masterpiece Edition of Myst was released in May 2000 and included a number of enhancements to both sound and visuals. This is the version of the game we tested.


The game should install without any issues on modern machines. During installation you will be offered the option to install both Quicktime and DirectX. You should choose “No” to both these options. Installing the older version of Quicktime that comes with the game can interfere with more modern software on your PC, such as iTunes.

Running the game

Before you can run the game, you will need to copy the files from this zip archive (link broken? Let me know here) into the Myst – Masterpiece Edition installation directory (which is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Orb\Myst Masterpiece Edition, by default). After you do this the game should start and run.

Unfortunately, even with the above fix we were not able to get the game running at an acceptable standard. Video content played but had unacceptable levels of crackling on the soundtrack. Audio in-game seemed fine, but since there are lots of videos to encounter as you explore the island, we doubt that most players will find this acceptable. If you really want to play Myst – Masterpiece edition we recommend you purchase a pre-fixed version from

Can you submit a fix

Do you know how to get this game fully working on Windows 7 or 8? Help the community by leaving a comment and letting us know.


  1. Talhah says:

    If you use the Myst: 10th Anniversary Edition of Myst: Masterpiece Edition There will be no sound crackling!

  2. SpooferJahk says:

    Update on this, ScummVM supports this and Riven now and they both can be beaten without any serious glitches in the latest SVN build. All you need to do is copy the CD contents in a folder for ScummVM to read and it works beautifully. Highly recommend using the TV2x filter to upscale it with some small scanlines so it does not look as insanely pixelated and grainy.

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