Windows PCs have always been at the cutting edge of games and gaming. With high definition graphics since the early nineties, huge amounts of processing power for AI and physics and all manner of amazing audio hardware, home PCs have always dazzled gaming enthusiasts. PC games have always gone above and beyond what can be done on the games consoles that were available at the same time, for those that can afford the hardware of course.

One result of decades of cutting edge gaming is that there are now hundreds of older PC titles waiting to be rediscovered. Even if your PC is several years old or far from the cutting edge, older PC games can often be made to run perfectly, giving a new lease of life to older machines. Even older PC games can give many current games console titles a run for their money and can offer you many hours of fun.

Charity stores, car boot sales, garage sales, eBay or even up in your attic, there are lots of places you can find older PC games really cheaply. For any PC game that shipped on a CD or DVD disc, it's almost always possible to get it working again on a modern system, you just have to know how, and that's where we come in! This site will show you step by step how to get some of the best old PC games working again.

So, if you've got an old favourite PC game or just want some bargain video gaming then don't throw it out, work it out!

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