Bumper Wars

Some low budget games, or movies or TV shows manage to be great despite their creators limited resources. Sometimes, they manage to be spectacularly awful too. Bumper Wars is…


This technically impressive and very playable post apocalyptic driving game escaped the attention of many gamers when it was released back in 1998, due to a lack of funds…

Motocross Madness

They might not be endearing themselves to PC gamers these days, but at one time Microsoft were doing some pretty cool things for gaming on Windows. Their luxury joysticks…

Wipeout XL

As you might imagine, here at we love PC gaming, but we also have a soft-spot for our PlayStation consoles too. The PS4 in particular has seen a…


Like your racing action fast, frantic, drifty and without all that pesky realism? If so, Screamer is the kind of game aimed at you. Clearly inspired by Namco’s Ridge…


Fancy tearing up the track and terrorising the neighbours cat? In Re-Volt you will drive various RC cars around courses loosely modelled on the real world, but without all…

ToCA Race Driver 2

Not to be confused with ToCA 2 Touring Cars, this game is a challenging but ultimately highly rewarding race driving simulator. In the game, you will work your way…

Star Wars Racer – New patch

Hold onto your Midi-chlorians and get ready to fire up those engines, we’ve just published a new update for Star Wars – Episode 1 Racer. This new patch uses…

Cabela’s 4×4 Off-Road Adventure 2

Roads? Who needs those when you've got a hulking 4x4 truck? In this budget title you get to drive a selection of tough trucks across rugged terrain. Rather than…

Midtown Madness

Before Burnout popularised insane street races through city traffic, Midtown Madness was giving PC gamers their own high octane thrills. Players can choose from a variety of cars (and…

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