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Lego Racers 2

Kids these days eh? When I was a child, Lego races took place on the carpet and involved a lot of pushing around little Lego models and a healthy…

Freddi Fish 2: The Case of…

There's some ghostly goings on at Freddi's school! A despicably mean ghost has started to haunt her classroom, scaring her classmates and stealing all their toys. Freddi's no fool…
tiggers honey hunt cover

Tigger’s Honey Hunt

The worlds friendliest and most hyperactive tiger bounces onto PC screens in this brightly coloured platform game. Tasked with collecting honey pots for Pooh bears party, Tigger stomps and…
HelloKittyCW Box

Hello Kitty Cutie World

This collection of mini games featuring Sanrio’s ever popular schoolgirl kitten is an ideal way to keep younger children amused. With 8 cute minigames, the kids will be able…

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  • Marty on Bug!Hi everybody, I found a way to get the game working in
  • BuckoA51 on Grim FandangoSeems fine to me, not like this is a fast paced game.
  • Alyx on Grim FandangoUsing this method the movement is ruined. Manny need to full
  • Tweednex on Lego Racers 2Thanks for writing this installer fix! I’ve installed the ga
  • Iazu on Future Cop: LAPDHmm, I think something messed up when I first tried to post

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