vJoy and UJR – Remapping your game controller

Back before Microsoft made the Xbox 360 controller the standard controller on the PC, there were still joysticks, gamepads and other types of controller on the system. With such a huge amount of controllers available, it’s almost inevitable that some games didn’t correctly support all possible types of controller, or that they have trouble mapping correctly to new controllers. Many problems can be solved by using Xpadder, which can remap keyboard keys to the joypad. Sometimes however you will find that an analogue axis is incorrectly mapped, reversed or simply doesn’t behave as you expected. In these situations, you can use vJoy, the virtual joystick and UJR – the Universal Joystick Remapper. These tools need to be used together, as they both depend on each other to function.

Check out this first video to see how to set up vJoy.

In the second video we explain how to use UJR.

Specific instructions for configuring UJR for a particular game will be included in the notes for that game.

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