dgVoodoo Tutorial

dgVoodoo is a legacy DirectX and 3DFX Glide wrapper program. The purpose of this software is to translate or wrap function calls to old, legacy graphics API (application programming interface) functions into calls to the much more modern Direct3D 11. In other words, it acts as a translator, changing old games to run with newer, modern graphics techniques. Using the wrapper is very easy, and you can try it with any game that uses DirectX or Direct Draw versions 1 to 8, or any game that uses 3DFX/Glide. Of course, since this software uses Direct3D 11, you will need a graphics card or chip capable of using this version of DirectX.

To get started, download the latest version from the gdVoodoo homepage here. At the time of writing, the latest version was v2.43. The file is downloaded as a zip file, once downloading is complete, open the zip file in file explorer. You should see the following folders.




If you’re trying dgVoodoo with a DirectX game, then you should open the “MS” sub folder and copy all the contents to your games installation directory. If you’re trying a 3DFX/Glide game, then copy all the files from the 3DFX folder instead. Do NOT under any circumstances copy the dll files inside the MS folder to your PCs system directories (anywhere within the Windows folder).

Finally, copy the dgVoodooSetup.exe file into your games installation folder too. This makes it easier to configure dgVoodoo for your specific game.

Running dgVoodoo

As long as you copied the .dll files to your games installation folder correctly, all that you need to do to run the game in dgVoodoo mode is to simply start it. Of course, not every game is compatible, so it’s usually just a matter of trying the game out and seeing if it works. To remove dgVoodoo from a game, just delete the .dll files you copied in.

Configuring dgVoodoo

You can configure dgVoodoo by running the dgVoodooSetup.exe program from within your games installation folder. Technically this program doesn’t need to be in your games installation folder, but it is the easiest way to use it. Run the program and the following window will appear.




Before you get started, click on the button circled in red in the picture above. This makes sure the configuration file is written to the correct folder.

The options that you configure are generally set on a per-game basis and may need some experimentation. There is one important option you may wish to change for every game however. Over on the DirectX tab there’s the option “dgVoodoo Watermark”. This applies a watermark to the games graphics in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. While you are configuring dgVoodoo we recommend leaving this option on, as it is a good indicator that the wrapper is working correctly. Once you are happy that everything is configured and working, you can then disable the watermark and play your game.

Other benefits

Since dgVoodoo makes old games use newer versions of DirectX, it can also enable compatibility with certain in-game tools and utilities. For instance, when a game is running through the dgVoodoo wrapper, it becomes compatible with the Nvidia Shadowplay screen recording software and the excellent in-game overlay Evolve.

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  1. burn says:

    many thanks for the the info, i was having trouble configuring it

  2. Valet2 says:

    Finally, was able to play old games in stereoscopic 3d on my main machine!

  3. Anibesh says:

    After using this tool, the game launches well, but i am unable to use my mouse and keyboard to play. I get errors on the top ‘error in binding’.

    • Cade says:

      I’ve encounter a similar problem,not in-game but if I tab out of the game and leave it running (so dgVoodoo 2 is also running), my mouse cursor disappears in some windows and I can’t use my keyboards in any other open windows. Not sure what that is about. In-game it’s been fine for me, but I do think there is an issue here that I hope the devs address.

  4. Jonathan says:

    It looks like dgvodoo 2 doesnt work with amd videocards.

    • Cade says:

      I have an AMD 7800 series with updated drivers on my main rig and after I updated from Win7 to Win10, I couldn’t play Syberia without getting an error message. I was able to get Syberia running with the latest version, dgVoodoo v2.53.

  5. JossBeaumont17 says:

    Hi thanks for the tutorial,

    Just to be sure, when you say : “Do NOT under any circumstances copy the dll files inside the MS folder to your PCs system directories (anywhere within the Windows folder).”

    By system directories and windows folder you mean the “Windows (C:) harddisk” or the “Windows folder that’s inside the Windows (C:) hardisk ?

    Because my game installation directory is inside “Windows (C:) hardisk”

    I just wanna make sure I dont break my computer :)


  6. bolgo6 says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask when I use dgvoodoo on the following video games Mace Griffins Bounty Hunter and Mortyr 2 my frame rate drops.

    MGBH runs at 60fps without dgvoodoo and with it 20 fps
    Mortyr dos’t run without dgvoodoo and tuns at 17 fps

    Is there a solution for this I noticed it before on some games but since these two games are first person shooters the low frame rate is quite annoying.

  7. Ildiko says:

    Thanks you so much for the very clear and simple explanation. Finally I can play Syberia. Works very well.

    • A346 says:

      I installed it and the game is not lagging anymore but now I have problem with graphics. The graphics are glitching and I don’t know what to do about it

  8. Farto says:

    i applied some glide settings and i dont know what i did. it might be bad and i want to reset them to default and delete the files that it created.i didnt know that i need to configure the directx settings. where are these glide files and what to do?

  9. nalin says:

    i have a ms win 8.1 the pc wont let install the game get medieval game due to compatibility

  10. Brian Harris says:

    no mouse when playing X-wing, HElp

  11. Belise says:

    Hello there,
    I am sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. However, I am having some issue running “Donald Duck: Quack Attack” and I’m hoping someone can help me out.
    I have tried installing dgVoodoo2 and following the directions to the best of my knowledge, yet whenever I try running the game I keep getting a setup error concerning DirectX6. To be precise it’s saying:
    “Display initialisation error: could not find any resolution.

    Driver : Display
    Device : Direct3D HAL

    Please run install.”

    I am sorry for the inconvenience or if I’m just being stupid, but I hope someone can help me figure this one out. ^^’

    Thank you all in advance!

    • Arnold Miller says:

      I have the same problem with Quack Attack. Did you get it to work yet?

      • Bisto says:

        Same here, in C/ windows/ ubisoft theres a file called ubi, what does your’s say as I’ve managed to get the game “running” using glide api but cant get directx to work.

    • Bisto says:

      I have got it working on windows 10, instead of putting the .dll’s that come with voodoo2 in the dll folder put them in the normal directory. This allows the wrapper to work without a hitch

    • Justin Fletcher says:

      move then direct x .dlls from the .dll folder into the main directory so that dgvoodoo2 can see them

  12. James says:

    Can anyone help with which settings to use to get rid of the sniper scope issue with Commandos 3

  13. Mr. Bungle says:

    The watermark won’t go away even after I uncheck the box for it. Why the hell won’t it go away??????

  14. Cody says:

    Hey so I have the Original discs for Star Wars Dark Forces II used the alternative installer to install it and the menu would appear, but gameplay I got a black screen but showed the HUD. So tried the Voodoo wrapper and now the menu is completely black… did all the things suggested, but can’t figure it out… not using any enhancements, just looking to run through the game like back in 99. Any suggestions?

  15. Joao says:

    thanks a lot for putting this together.

  16. Valentin says:


    I have Desperados in CD version.
    I tried your solution but it doesn’t work…
    When you said : “put in the game folder” is it the folder who the name is “game” or the main folder ?
    If i put the files (.ddl and voodoo) in “game folder”, and i launch Voodoo, he recognizes my graphic card (nvidia 610 M) but he says “re-install direct X”…
    I don’t understand… I play on W10 / 64bits…
    On the other hand, if i put the files in the main folder, my pc recognize the direct X…

    When i configure voodoo, it must to clic on “apply” and “ok” for finish use the launcher (exe?) . Or Just apply and reduce the voodoo application ?

    Thank you for your help :)

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Always put dgVoodoo2 in the games folder, never in the system folder.

      You do not need the dgVoodoo2 preferences program to be running in order to use dgVoodoo2.

  17. QD says:


    I’m unable tu unzip any .zip of dgvoodoo website.
    A message say “Damaged archive or unknowned format” with 7zip or winrar

    Have you a solution for me?


  18. heidi says:

    i have no clue what im doing, ive installed the voodoo thing and dragged it to my desktop, im trying to copy the .dll things in the MS folder into the harry potter system folder but its asking for a password? helppp

  19. ZeistIsBad says:

    What is the password to allow me to extract I don’t mean the admin (which I am) password, but the one that the person who posted it asks for that lets the program be unzipped.

  20. ZeistIsBad says:

    Sorry if this was posted before, my PC crashed just as I clicked Post Comment and it hasn’t appeared:

    I need the password to extract I don’t mean the admin (which I am) password, I mean the one that is required by whoever created the zip.

  21. Gilley says:

    I have tried 3 different websites that have the dgVoodoo zip files and none of the versions have the dgVoodooCpl.exe included in the downloads, does the exe file actually exist?

  22. D Piddy says:

    Got this for running No One Lives forever. Followed the instructions to the letter but each time I try to run the game, it’s loads initially then just completely crashs. Any help would be appreciated. Running it on windows 10

  23. NibKing says:

    My antivirus software tells me that the download from the official site is infected with a virus called URL:BLACKLIST.

  24. Prasad Warnakulasuriya says:

    how to insert a password while extract the dgvoodoo 2

  25. Lexster says:

    I tried to play seal of evil with it but the game colours is not renderen its jusy white images everywhere

    • krashd says:

      If you still want to play Seal of Evil you need to check the box for “Fast video memory access”, it is right at the bottom of the DirectX tab and it fixes the ‘everything is white’ nonsense.

  26. Kyle Hill says:

    What do you do with these Voodo files when the actual setup says incompatible with your PC?

  27. Ben says:

    Hi !

    And thank you very much for this how to.

    I wanted to play a 19974 game (Incoming) but the thing is you cannot launch the setup.exe on 64 bits Windows. I think I need to use DosBos, which is not a problem, but how can I use DGVoodoo through DosBox ?

    Or if you know another way to install and run a 16 bits game under a 64 bits Windows, with the possibility to use DGVoodoo I would be very interested.

    Thank you !!

  28. Leo360 says:

    Hi, after I installed the game… what can I do if the old Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone pc game wont let me copy the ms dill. files from dgVooDoo into its system folder… It says “not enough space” but hhd has lots of space.

  29. April says:

    Hi, I’m getting an alert from my antivirus saying the DGVoodoo site contains a trojan?

  30. Bobbywax says:

    Thanks for the tutorial.
    I’m trying to launch an old game (Warwind). I tryed different setup on the dgVoodooCpl but without succes.

    Sadly, I have this issue “Unable to create primary surface, error=100 The game will be terminated”
    I’m on Windows 10.
    Any ideas?

  31. Jamp says:

    Hi. Thanks for the game and solutions to fix issues. My problem is: White screen issue,
    “Exit the game and then set the compatibility options on the “Bof4” shortcut to disable visual themes. Now, start the game again. If you still get a white screen, alt-tab back to the desktop and then click on the games icon on the taskbar. You should now be taken back to the game but with the title screen menu visible.”
    Unfortunately did not work on Windows 7 x64. Dg voodo installed in a correct folder, however when i start the game, it happens white screens, but only the sound works. Did I not do it right?

  32. kood99 says:

    Recently GOG released Warhammer: Mark of Chaos on their store. By default, the program doesn’t support computers with an integrated graphics card. This is remedied by using dgVoodoo. Unfortunately, many of us are having some problems with the cursor being misaligned. What do you suggest as a fix?

  33. Tony Hawk says:

    Tony Haws Pro Skater 2 is missing most of the textures with this. Tried various configurations with dgvoodoo, no change. Yes, there is a community patch, but it is inferior to a working dgvoodoo.

  34. Peter Faber says:

    The password “dege” for version 2.63.2 does not work when extracting the files. Any ideas?

  35. KT684u says:

    So, I wanted to play IGI 1but it was lagging. But after using Dgvoodoo the lagging problem is resolved but now the graphics are horrible even though I went according to the instructions. Graphics look likes they are glitching. If anyone has a solution please help me

  36. 2983hd2 says:

    This doesn’t work at all.

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