Heroes of Might and Magic

Heroes of Might and Magic is, as you might expect, a game about commanding heroes, who use both might and magic to fight against other heroes. These other heroes…

Civilization III Complete

Another entry into the ever-popular politician/dictator/god simulator series, Civilization III released to critical acclaim in 2001 and went on to sell millions of copies. Since we’ve covered Civilization II…

Civilization IV

Desert Island Discs is a radio show broadcast here in the UK on the poshest of stations, BBC Radio 4. In the show, various celebrities and politicians choose which…

Laser Squad Nemesis

Way back in 1998, strategy gamers were getting excited about the original Laser Squad game on the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. Though the game featured just a handful…

Warlords III – Dark Lords Rising

Another impressive strategy game to add to the PCs huge back catalogue, Warlords 3 – Dark Lords Rising is a stand-alone expansion pack for the game Warlords 3 –…

Republic – The Revolution

While I’ve always owned games consoles too, I’ve come to think of the PC as the definitive gaming platform. By being a completely open platform with no publishing fees,…

Star Trek – Generations

If the only question you ever thought was hard was “Do I like Kirk or do I like Picard?” then the 1994 film Star Trek – Generations would definitely…

Bomberman Collection

Who knew blowing up your friends could be such fun? Bomberman is a game all about planting bombs to try and blow up your buddies, while trying to avoid…


The mystery of what happens to us all after death is one that has inspired the arts and literature for centuries. According to the post-death experience that this game…

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

Why be a tycoon for oil, property or other such boring commodities when you can be a rollercoaster tycoon? In this strategy and simulation game you will get to…

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