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Thrust Xtreme

A faithful remake of the classic BBC Micro/Commodore 64 game, Thrust Xtreme sends brave pilots once more into the treacherous caverns of the evil space empire. Using your ace…


When you’re an evil wizard, career opportunities don’t come along all that often. Sure, you could probably apply to work in the banking sector if you could prove you…

Captain Quazar

Captain Quazar is a long-forgotten isometric run and gun game that originally launched on the ill-fated 3DO games console. Excellent presentation and humorous cut-scenes are sadly not enough to…

Panzer Dragoon

Enter an intense, 360 degree world one thousand (or perhaps now 983) years in the future! Panzer Dragoon is a much loved Sega video game from the mid 1990’s.…

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  • BuckoA51 on Get MedievalWorked fine on our Windows 7 PC.
  • Sejanoz on Get Medieval"The game itself runs fine on Windows 7 PCs" my foot. I
  • SleeperUT on Death DromeThanks for the nice guido on DeathDrome. For an update: we g
  • Marklanchvar32 on Lego Racers 2Is there no way to install the CD files?
  • Bapho on OutwarsI just wanted to tell exactly the same story as A. Loro

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