Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Emperor – Battle for Dune

Frank Herbert’s seminal sci-fi novel Dune is set in a science fiction universe where computers are religiously outlawed due to an artificial intelligence led rebellion. Conventional warfare with guns,…

Armor Command

Another entry into the PCs gigantic back catalogue of real time strategy games. Armor Command tried to mix things up by adding 3D views for each unit, allowing you…

Metal Fatigue

There’s an unwritten rule in Japanese science fiction, add a giant mecha suit (think robots, but with human pilots) into the mix and everything is ten times better. Metal…

Age of Empires 3

Another entry into the PCs huge catalogue of high quality real-time strategy games and one of the best selling PC games of all time. Age of Empires 3 sends…

Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

When Westwood Studios released the seminal Dune 2 way back in 1992, they probably realised they were on to something big. What they maybe didn’t realise was just how…

Command & Conquer – Red Alert…

Another RTS title in the long running Command and Conquer series. In Red Alert 2 you can get yet another fix of faced paced base building, troop commanding and…

Emergency – Fighters for life

A simple but surprisingly fun little real-time strategy game that puts you in charge of an emergency rescue department. In the game you will need to dispatch police, fire…

Jane’s Fleet Command

Realistic military strategy games might not be for everyone, but for the patient armchair generals out there, they can be extremely engrossing. When it comes to realism, things don’t…


Beloved for its unique graphical style, strong indie game vibe and excellent playability, Darwinia was an instant hit when it released back in 2005. Nearly a decade later and…

Robot Arena

Robot Wars was a great spectacle for a time, until people learned that basically the best robot they could design within the rules of the competition was a moving…

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