Bandits – Phoenix rising

The two things most testosterone fueled gamers love are cars and guns. With this in mind it’s surprising that there aren’t more games like Bandits – Phoenix Rising that…

Rallisport Challenge

Swedish software studio Digital Illusions CE (DICE) may be most famous for its Battlefield series of games, but the studio has produced everything from pinball simulators to platform games…

Network Q RAC Rally Championship

The early 3D graphics capabilities of home computers and consoles in the 1990’s seemed to inspire an influx of Rally games. 1994’s fondly remembered Sega Rally Championship was one…


When gamers think about futuristic racing games, usually games like Wipeout or F-Zero spring to mind, where racers dash around the track in fantastical flying machines. Rollcage had an…
Star Wars Ep 1 Racer

Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Star Wars Episode I may divide the opinion of Star Wars fans, but the fast and furious pod-racing scenes from the film remain a highlight. Of course, it didn’t…


Cars, guns, playground insults and multiplayer madness. Mashed has all these ingredients in spades. Up to four players can duke it out on the racetrack and win by fair…
Sonic R box front

Sonic R

When you’re super sonic racing, there’s no time to look around! Before Sonic decided he needed a car to speed around a race-track, he was racing his friends on…
Need for Speed 2 cover

Need for Speed 2 – Special…

Popular racing game franchise Need for Speed has been delivering high octane racing thrills since 1994. Starting as a realistic simulation title on the ill-fated 3DO games console, it…

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