Daytona USA Deluxe

Segas iconic 90’s arcade racer is the very essence of a bygone age of powerful coin operated video games. The game was visually stunning for the time, with a…

Death Drome

If you thought reality TV was getting boring these days, you should hop in your time machine and go to the year 2057. In this dystopian future, jails are…

Rollcage Stage 2

Those giant futuristic monster truck/buggy hybrids are back again in Rollcage Stage 2. We covered the first Rollcage game back in February and found it worked great on our…

Lego Racers

Kids these days eh? Actually no, let’s not do that again. Back in June we covered Lego Racers 2 and found that it worked pretty well on modern PCs.…

Big Scale Racing

Driving games have always been popular, allowing us to drive cars we’ll never so much as touch in the real world, at speeds that would frighten even a trained…

Crazy Taxi

For many gamers, Crazy Taxi will forever be associated with the Sega Dreamcast. This much loved games console was the final home hardware release from gaming giants Sega. The…

Beam Breakers

Have you ever seen the movie “Fifth Element” ? If so, did you think “wouldn’t it be awesome to be like Bruce Willis in his flying taxi cab?” No,…

Road Rash

Videogames let us do all kinds of silly or impossible things. Just taken that bad guys full ammo clip in the chest? No problem, here’s a first aid kit…

Knight Rider: The Game

By the time I was eight years old, I had already decided on my career path. I was going to be the next Michael Knight, driving around in a…

Lego Racers 2

Kids these days eh? When I was a child, Lego races took place on the carpet and involved a lot of pushing around little Lego models and a healthy…

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