Flight Simulator


Video games don’t often paint a pretty picture of the future. Then again, the opportunities for the kind of death defying action, adventure and conflict that gamers seem to…


Space, the final frontier. Huge, desolate, empty. The perfect setting for a videogame? Lots of people seem to think so. In this space trading and exploration game you get…

Crimson Skies

Flight simulators will always have a home on the PC. The complex cockpit controls of a real aircraft simply cannot map to the simple, user friendly game controllers that…

Freespace 2

The evil and mysterious Shivans have decided they want all of the big empty vaccum for themselves and are prepared to blast all of humanity into tiny pieces of…

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D

Another game set in the lucrative Star Wars universe, Rogue Squadron casts you in the role of an elite rebel fighter pilot, tasked with defending rebel strongholds and striking…

Magic Carpet

Say what you like about games design guru Peter Molyneux, his games are nothing if not ambitious. When Bullfrog Productions decided to make a game about flying on magic…

Fury 3

If you thought copyright enforcement was getting strict these days, be thankful you don’t live in the future envisioned in Fury 3. In 2482, intellectual property theft has become…

Star Trek Bridge Commander

Before JJ Abrams irreverent reboot turned the franchise into a plot thin, special effects heavy generic sci-fi movie, Star Trek was the thinking mans science fiction series. Loved by…

X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter

The enduring popularity of Star Wars amongst videogame players has created a legacy of computer and video game titles spanning back over three decades. From the superbly atmospheric Star…


War has broken out (again) and as seems to be typical in computer games, you are the only qualified pilot of the one and only awesome super fighter called…

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