Lego Racers 2

Kids these days eh? When I was a child, Lego races took place on the carpet and involved a lot of pushing around little Lego models and a healthy…

Freddi Fish 2: The Case of…

There's some ghostly goings on at Freddi's school! A despicably mean ghost has started to haunt her classroom, scaring her classmates and stealing all their toys. Freddi's no fool…
HelloKittyCW Box

Hello Kitty Cutie World

This collection of mini games featuring Sanrio’s ever popular schoolgirl kitten is an ideal way to keep younger children amused. With 8 cute minigames, the kids will be able…

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  • josh on Request a gameRevenant by Eidos, please the GOG version is very clunky
  • Ang on X-Wing Vs. TIE FighterTo make 3d works, here how I'd managed: -download dgVoodooCp
  • CaffeinatedLuke on ScraplandDo you have a guide on how to do so?
  • Dabo on Armor CommandI was able to get a direct ISO, convert the bin file
  • Raoull on Mortyr 2093-1944For copy protection error just delete or rename file cdrom.s

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