dgVoodoo2 Tutorial added

dgvoodoo2-logodgVoodoo 2 is a 3DFX Glide and DirectX 1 to 7 wrapper that’s been turning heads in the PC retrogaming community with its excellent performance and great compatibility. As long as you have a PC that’s capable of running Direct3D 11 software, you can try this excellent wrapper software with your legacy DirectX and 3DFX games. Not only does the wrapper fix compatibility problems on a lot of old games, it also enables you to use modern, Direct3D 11 gaming tools, such as Nvidia Shadowplay and Evolve. We had some great results when we tested the wrapper with Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura for instance.

Using dgVoodoo 2 is really easy, head over to our tutorial page here to find out how.

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