Panzer Dragoon now playable on Windows 8

Fans of classic Sega games rejoice! Thanks to the awesome new WineD3D DirectX to OpenGL wrapper software from dosse91, we’ve been able to get classic rail-shooter Panzer Dragoon to work on Windows 8! Previously only compatible with Windows 7 and earlier, this title is now fully playable on the latest versions of Windows. This is the second game we’ve been able to fix or improve thanks to these new wrappers. WineD3D was originally developed to allow Windows games to run in Linux, but as Windows evolves too, we can take advantage of the work done getting games running in Linux to help them run in more recent versions of Windows too, that’s the great thing about open source software.

While we were at it, we also tested the game with the _inmm tool. This program fixes CD audio playback problems in many older games. We’re delighted to report that with a bit of coaxing, Panzer Dragoon is compatible with _inmm too, meaning the instances of music not looping correctly (particularly noticeable in boss fights) can now be fixed.

Head over to our updated Panzer Dragoon page to get your Panzer Dragoon on.


  1. nascent says:

    Unfortunately this doesn’t allow me to play on Windows 8.1
    It loads the menu, and the intro, then goes to black screen.

  2. BuckoA51 says:

    Hit enter or your controllers fire button to skip the black screen.

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