Star Wars Racer – New patch

05294e9ae5fb27af7f00ca5d87d0bb707d44214dfd142adae83131d2274a46ffHold onto your Midi-chlorians and get ready to fire up those engines, we’ve just published a new update for Star Wars – Episode 1 Racer. This new patch uses the very latest WineD3D For Windows wrapper, as compiled by Dosse91. Our tests showed significantly improved stability and a quicker start up time thanks to this new version, so go ahead and try for yourselves and let us know in the comments if things are better or worse for you.

Star Wars Racer is one of the games we get asked about most and unfortunately one of the most troublesome, so hopefully this new version will help those of you still having difficulty with the game.


  1. Bruno says:

    I’ve been searching for a x64 stable version for a long time.
    I’ve downloaded today the new installer (Install-SWEP1RCR), but I already get stucked on the instalation. I get the following error messages;

    Output folder: C:\Games\Star Wars Racer
    I can’t find the Star Wars Racer CD!

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