GoG sale now on, get Mount and Blade Free!

Just wanted to let you all know our friends over at are having a sale at the moment. This is a perfect chance for you to snag some games, old or new, at bargain prices. What’s more, you can get Mount and Blade completely free, no strings attached, so what are you waiting for?

If you visit every day for the next seven days, you can get the awesome RPG “The Witcher 2” for free too! To do this, simply visit the homepage and look for the section that reads “COLLECT STAMPS EVERY DAY”. Tick off a stamp every day and after seven days, the game is yours, how generous is that?

Remember, if you like what we do here at, use our GoG affiliate links to visit the site. You’ll find those all over the site and of course in this article too. Remember, all GoG games are DRM free! That means, no copy protection that breaks when you upgrade your computer, no limited activations and definitely no requirement to have your computer permanently connected to the internet.

Grab your free games and have a browse of the sale by clicking here.

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