DXWnd tutorials and Requiem update

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Just a quick note to let you know about two things. We’ve added a simple tutorial for the tool DXWnd. This tool was originally designed to make fullscreen only games run in a window, but it’s since evolved into an entire suite of DirectX compatibility fixes. Check out the tutorial here.

Secondly, thanks to a update of DXWnd, it is now possible to play the game Requiem – Avenging Angel on Windows 8! Sadly, this only works in Software rendering mode, leaving the more desirable Direct3D mode out of reach and limiting the game to a maximum 0f 640×480 resolution. Still, it’s better than nothing. We’ve updated our article on Requiem to reflect this new change. Hopefully full D3D compatibility will be possible soon thanks to the groundwork ghotik has done with DXWnd already.

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