Future Cop: LAPD

Genre: Third Person Shooter
Release Year: 1998
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Age Rating: 12+
Playability Status: Fully playable (minor issues only)
Tested On: Windows 8 x64, Windows XP
Availability: Copyright retained - Out of print/unavailable

If you liked to play policeman/woman when you were a kid, chances are that involved running around with toy guns and shooting at your friends, rather than directing traffic or writing speeding tickets. Real police work might not be as exciting as you imagined it when you were a child, but fear not. According to Future Cop: LAPD, policework in the future is all about transforming mecha-robots armed with mini-guns and missiles and shooting first and asking questions later. Released in 1998 for Windows, Mac and Playstation to mostly positive reception, the game somehow managed to flop at retail. While the mass-market overlooked the game, retrogaming connoisseurs should definitely check it out, as it’s actually a well polished and frantically playable little blaster.


The game will install without issues on 32 bit versions of Windows but, unfortunately, won’t install on 64 bit versions at all. Fear not however, as we have created a replacement installer that will take care of this for you. Furthermore, originally it was possible to configure the games 3D rendering settings by running the 3dsetup.exe tool that was bundled with the game. Regrettably, this tool didn’t work properly on any modern PC we tried it on (even our older Windows XP rig). Fortunately, our new replacement installer (link broken? Let me know here) takes care of this for you too and you can choose your preferred 3D setting while installing the game. You have a choice of three rendering modes:-

Software rendering:- Uses only the power of your computers CPU to draw the graphics, bypassing your graphics card or chip. Lowest quality but best compatibility.

DirectX rendering:- Uses the standard DirectX 3D acceleration modes. All modern graphics cards support this, though some users may find 3DFX mode works better.

3DFX rendering:- Uses the now obsolete 3DFX/Glide technology. While modern graphics cards do NOT support this, you can easily add support by installing a Glide wrapper. See “Running in 3DFX mode” under “Running the game” for more information.

You can switch between graphics modes at any time simply by running the installer again. You don’t need to reinstall the game, just select the graphics mode you want to switch to and deselect all other options.

The installer will also give you the option to “Update keyboard layout for 2 player compatibility”. For an explanation of what this does, see the section “Configuring controllers”.

To download our replacement installer, click here.

There were no patches released for the Windows game, though there was a 1.02 patch released for the Mac version.

Running the game

Depending on which graphics setting you chose when installing, the game should now run. If you choose 3DFX mode, you will need to follow the instructions under “Running in 3DFX mode” before you can start the game. Below are a few guidelines you should observe when trying to run this game. Check out the troubleshooting section too if you have issues while starting or playing the game.

The game runs better when run as administrator – Future Cop saves its game settings in the registry. It uses a section of the registry that more modern versions of Windows keep locked down. That means if you don’t run the game as administrator, you won’t be able to save any of your preferences. Unless you need to configure the game for a child or a standard users account, always run it as administrator, either by setting the compatibility option to do so or by right clicking on the programs shortcut and choosing “Run as administrator”.

Do not use a screen resolution greater than 1024×768 – Regardless of rendering mode, do not try to play the game in a higher resolution than this. If you do, it is likely to lock up or exhibit strange behaviour (such as not playing music and some sound effects, we kid you not).

Skipping movies and cutscenes – Click the left mouse button to skip the intro movie and other cutscenes.

Running in 3DFX mode – 3DFX/Glide was a competing graphics standard that was around at the time the game was released. Once the cutting edge of PC gaming technology, the standard is now defunct and no longer officially supported. Nevertheless, 3DFX games are kept alive by software packages known as Glide wrappers. These programs translate the old 3DFX Glide games into something modern graphics cards can display.

Normally when a game supports both 3DFX and DirectX we recommend you use DirectX. On some hardware however, Future Cop may perform better using 3DFX mode and the Glide wrapper nGlide. nGlide is our favourite Glide wrapper and the one we usually recommend for 3DFX games, you can download it here.

Before you start Future Cop in 3DFX mode, there are a few things you need to configure in nGlide. Search for “nglide” on your Start menu or Start screen and click on the icon that appears. This will launch the nGlide configuration tool, as shown below.


The two critical settings are “Screen resolution” and “3Dfx logo splash screen”. Do not try to force the game to run at a higher resolution than 1024×768. Leave this setting as “By app” and configure the resolution in-game instead (see Tweaking visual quality).

Secondly, the 3Dfx logo splash screen needs to be turned off. Yes, we get those nostalgia pangs when we see it too, but unfortunately it causes problems in this game.

With nGlide installed and configured you can now go ahead and launch the game in 3DFX mode. You can verify that 3DFX mode is enabled by going to the main menu and clicking on “Preferences”. If 3DFX mode is working correctly you should see some additional 3DFX options for adjusting gamma.

See the next section for how to configure the game for best visual quality.

Tweaking visual quality

Unlike many PC games, Future Cop only has a couple of visual quality settings for you to tweak. Make sure you are running the game as administrator and then, from the games main menu, click on “Preferences” and the window shown below will then appear.


Set the screen resolution to a maximum of 1024×768. Trying to go higher will just cause problems. The 3DFX options will only appear if you are running in 3DFX mode. You can turn on filtering and adjust Gamma (which affects screen brightness) to taste.

Click on “OK” when you are done setting these options. We recommend that you now exit the game and restart it. This will ensure that the registry keys get written successfully.

Configuring controllers

When installing the game, we gave you the option to “Update keyboard layout for 2 player compatibility”. Future Cop features a split-screen two player mode. While the default keyboard layout is fine for single player policeman, it’s no cop at all if you want to bring a partner along. By installing the updated keyboard layout you can play two-player easily. However, the original layout is possibly more comfortable for those of you who want to play the game alone.

Reconfiguring the games controls in-game is tricky, in fact it didn’t seem to work for us at all. Fortunately, there is a file in the games directory called “controls.txt”. By editing this file you can easily remap the controls. Unfortunately, when editing this file there’s no indication of which control does what. To make things easier, refer to the table below. As long as you edit the controls.txt file and keep to this order, you can remap the controls however you want. If you ever want to go back to the default controls, simply delete the “controls.txt” file and the game will then create a new one the next time it is run. To play with gamepads you are going to need Xpadder, which we will come to in a moment.

Control Default Binding Revised Binding Recommended 360 Pad Control
Up NumPad8 W Left stick Up and D-pad Up
Down NumPad5 S Left stick Down and D-pad Down
Right NumPad6 D Right stick Right and D-pad Right
Left NumPad4 A Right stick Left and D-pad Left
Gun Weapon Space F RT
Action NumPad2 G A (Green)
Special Weapon Ctrl J RB
Jump Z Space LB
Map M M Back
Camera Tab Tab Y (Yellow)
Jink (strafe) left NumPad7 Q Left stick Left
Jink (strafe) right NumPad9 E Left stick Right
Heavy Weapon Alt H LT
Change Target NumPad0 Ctrl X (Blue) and B (Red)
Up (P2) NumPad8 NumPad8 Left stick Up and D-pad Up
Down (P2) NumPad5 NumPad5 Left stick Down and D-pad Down
Right (P2) NumPad6 NumPad6 Right stick Right and D-pad Right
Left (P2) NumPad4 NumPad4 Right stick Left and D-pad Left
Gun Weapon (P2) * * RT
Action (P2) NumPad0 NumPad0 A (Green)
Special Weapon (P2) + + RB
Jump (P2) NumPad / NumPad / LB
Map (P2) NumPad2 NumPad2 Back
Camera (P2) NumPad . NumPad . Y (Yellow)
Jink (strafe) left (P2) NumPad7 NumPad7 Left stick Left
Jink (strafe) right (P2) NumPad9 NumPad9 Left stick Right
Heavy Weapon (P2) NumPad – NumPad – LT
Change Target (P2) NumPad1 NumPad1 X (Blue) and B (Red)

To get the game working with controllers, we used our old friend Xpadder. Of course, if you want to play two player, Xpadder supports multiple controllers. Here’s a picture of our Xpadder profile for the game.


We originally created a layout based on the controls in the Playstation version of the game. However, this game pre-dates analogue controllers and so was configured for the original, digital only Playstation controller. This didn’t map as comfortably onto the Xbox 360 controller as we anticipated. We have therefore redesigned the layout to more accurately emulate the kinds of controls you’d encounter in a more modern third person shooter.

Notice that we’ve also added mouse movement onto the left analogue stick, and a mouse button click onto the A button. This allows the menus to be navigated without reaching for the keyboard. The game can also be paused by pressing the Start button. The only time you will need the keyboard is when you save your game, as you will have to then enter a name for your save game. You could always use a chatpad as per the tutorial here if you want to avoid this.

Remember that if you are running the game as administrator, you will need to run Xpadder as administrator too, else the inputs will not be detected by the game.


As well as local co-op, the game supports a kind of tower defense/deathmatch type game called Precinct Assault. While the servers that let you play this over the internet are long gone, it’s possible to host and join your own games on the LAN or even online. Playing online may require you to reconfigure your router, though playing against an opponent in the same home should be somewhat easier. We did not test the network multiplayer options, so if you do get them working on a modern PC, let us know in the comments.

Troubleshooting and known issues

For such an old game, Future Cop: LAPD runs very well on modern hardware. It is not without its issues however. Here are the issues we encountered when playing and any possible solutions we found.

Audio and music not playing in cutscenes and/or only partially in game:- This can happen if you set the games screen resolution higher than 1024×768. We’ve no idea why. This can also happen if you are using an optical or HDMI sound card. To cure the problem, turn on Dolby Digital encoding if your card supports this. Users running graphics cards with HDMI audio output should not be affected.

Cannot Alt+Tab out of the game:- If you try to nip back to the desktop to check your e-mail or whatever, the game is likely to simply crash or just not let you switch back to it. Currently there’s no workaround to this other than to play in window mode which is only available when using software rendering mode.

Cannot see menus:- Can happen on machines where Stardock Windowblinds is installed. Add “FCopLAPD.exe” to the list of programs excluded from skinning in Windowblinds.

Corrupt graphics in game:- Happens on some machines when using DirectX mode, switch to 3DFX mode and use nGlide.

Invisible electric fences in 3DFX mode:- You will encounter several electric fences when you play the game, including several on the first level. Watch out if you are playing in 3DFX/Glide mode as these fences may be invisible. They still drain your shield if you hit them though! It’s fairly obvious where the fences should be, so just keep an eye out.

Invisible pause menus:- Sometimes when the game is paused, all you will see is a white screen instead of the pause options. Currently there’s no known fix/workaround. Try not to pause the game too often, go take a leak before you start the next level!

Lock-ups or crashes when loading levels:- This was the most frustrating problem we encountered. Sometimes the game simply locks up when you go to load a level. If this happens to you often, try logging out of all other user accounts and shutting down as many programs as possible.

Screen blanks when starting a level:- The game runs its cut scenes at a different resolution to the main gameplay. Back in the days of CRT monitors this didn’t matter, but some more modern displays (particularly HDTVs) take a few seconds to re-display the picture after a screen resolution change. This can leave your mech vulnerable at the start of the level while you wait for the screen to come back. There’s no real workaround for this other than using a different monitor.


Screenshot taken at the start of level 1 running in DirectX mode. Click the picture to see a bigger version.



  1. harley says:

    MASSIVE thank you for the installer and the rest of the helpful info in this post. this is one of those games I’ll never forget about

  2. Max says:

    Hey thx for that but i can’t run the 3d setup cause error game registery key ..

  3. NIhit says:

    How to download?

  4. SAMI 1999 says:

    Thanks a lot. By the way, I would like to move the player with arrow keys, but I don’t know what shoild I type instead of NumPad8/W to get the arrow keys work. Help.

  5. Yannick says:

    How to download?

    Click on the text “our new replacement installer” (below “Installation”, you find it easier by pressing ctrl+f)

    the new installer for Win7 64bit is really great, it works on fine my Computer!

    A friend has MAC, so we’ll try to play via LAN, might be complicated, we’ll see…

  6. Alex says:

    Thank you for uploading this, I loved this game till the end.
    I can’t seem to find the controls.txt file. Is there another file I should be looking for or is it impossible to change the controls now?

  7. jedi-cxt says:

    I tried to install it with my french CD, and when I launch the game. I have a little window: the Electronic Arts video works and then the app is auto-killed. Even s admin.

    Is it a path problem?
    I can give you a rip of my disc if you want.

    Windows 8.1

  8. Baha says:

    It showing me an error, asking insert the CD

  9. DyA says:

    I have the similar problem like “jedi-cxt”, as mentioned above. When I launch the game. The game starts in windowed mode: the Electronic Arts video works and after 1 sec of the next intro, the game crashes without any notice. Even as admin. I Run Windows 7 32bit with AMD graphics….

    Thanks for help!

  10. sanddzy says:

    i cant find preferences in 3dfx, where is the location???

  11. Alex says:

    I can’t seem to configure the controls. It keeps saying access denied, is there a way to go around this?

  12. Is there a way to play Future Cop on Win10 64′ ?
    I can’t get it to work using theese tips. I only get a white window

    • BuckoA51 says:

      I’ll look into that when I get chance.

      • Goodie. I will be here to reply.

        More info:
        1. I have the original CD
        2. I get as far as seeing the autorun menu
        3. I have not tried any virtual winXP program, I hear XP mode doesn’t work for win10, but I will try VirtualBox or something later.
        4. I have tried various compatibility settings, but I’m not sure I’ve tried everything yet.
        5. I will be back with more info soon

  13. Ok, so I’m only able to open the autorun menu:
    Trying to get any further will result in this:

    I did not try virtualBox because it require a disk and a WinXp licence, wich is too much hassle if I want to show the games to others aswell.

    I have to rely on you to improve the installer, if possible.
    Or wait until Microsoft adds a virtual xp mode, if they plan to.

  14. EJ says:

    Thank you so much for uploading! LAPD was a jewel of a game back in the day. Can’t wait to try it again after 17 years! ^^

  15. Anton says:

    Please advice where to get original CD? Is there a way to download the game and use your insaller for a downloaded game?

  16. Anton says:

    Thanks, guys. Ordered at Amazon, see what’ll happen next

  17. Mark says:

    Any chance on updating the installer to work with Windows 10 64 bit, loved the game so much.

    Hope you can help

    • BuckoA51 says:

      It’s not working for you? What goes wrong?

      • Mark says:

        It installs, but when I run it normally I get an intro screen come up but as soon as I touch a keyboard it vanishes/shuts down. Did try running it in admin mode but that gives a white screen then crashes

        • BuckoA51 says:

          Hmm, tried dgVoodoo2?

          • Mark says:

            What I meant to say it goes straight to credit screen at end then shuts down.

            I left it with software rendering so what is the best thing to do, use dgVoodoo2 with what?


            • BuckoA51 says:

              Odd. Try dgVoodoo2 in DirectX and Glide mode.

              • Mark says:

                Have tried both of those, DirectX just gives a white screen, Glide mode gives the same with a small screen running the credits at the end of the game.
                Thank you for your help, looks like I am going to have to dig out my old base unit and play the game :(

                • BuckoA51 says:

                  Same issue here on our Windows 10 machine, looks like this one’s not going to play ball on Windows 10.

                  • Mark says:

                    Well I downloaded the updated version of ORACLE VMware, with Guest Additions and VirtualBox Extensions pack, used nglide and now have it running without any crashes running XP in VMware on Windows 10 64 bit.
                    The last bit to sort out is my game controller and then its done!
                    So for anyone else wanting to play this on Windows 10 64 bit that’s what you need to do.
                    Just gotta sort my game controller out !!!

                    • BuckoA51 says:

                      Thanks for the tip. I had a little play and got the game going today in 10, I used both dgVoodoo2’s DirectX and Glide components. It worked, but cut-scenes don’t work at all.

                      Shame, as VMWare’s not as convenient as running it native (and no Glide support of course), but at least it can still be played.

  18. Mark says:

    Still having problem with VMWare, game launches but besides getting a game controller to work, even the basic keyboard controls don’t ! Any ideas ………..?

  19. Mark says:

    Hey BuckoA51
    Well I now have it fully running in Oracle VM VirtualBox, with GuestionEditions and Extensions installed under XP.
    For ease I copied the CD install disk as an ISO and have that mounted and assigned
    Secondly make sure any USB devices like a game controller you must do the following:-
    Start VM VirtualBox Manager, select Settings > USB > Add a New USB Device Filter but make sure you select New Filter 1
    Start you VM in this instance XP
    Unplug your USB Device then plug back in and the VM Host will then pick it up and install the necessary driver and all should be good.
    All the cut scenes, narrative, music, etc. work fine.
    So for anyone who is a fantactic for this game can enjoy!

  20. khattak says:

    installer says ” i can’t find any CD “

  21. spo says:

    I get a black screen once the game starts.. and it does not go away.
    I have tried on VM with windows xp and VM with windows 7 using your installer.
    Maybe its my screen??

  22. Kail says:

    using windows 10 I cant seem to get it to work
    I did everything in the post :(

    I get a message FCopLAPD.exe has stopped working
    when I run the game

  23. Do It E-z says:

    I Can’t Run This Program In Win 10 Help Me Please

    • BuckoA51 says:

      We can’t get it running well in Windows 10 either.

      • Herman Sefring says:

        It’s a shame it doesn’t work. I could seriously see myself playing this on win10 in coop mode with my gf. I love the colors and graphics in the game. A remake would be awsum but perhaps my gfx card can render some edges a little better than what I remember from the old days.

        • Windows10isnotyourfriend says:

          There are MANY older games that work great in Windows 7 & 8 that refuse to work in Windows 10. Could be how Windows 10 handles DirectX, but not even dgVoodoo (which has a DirectX emulator in it) does not help. If you are going to do a lot of retro Windows gaming, Windows 10 is really just terrible. Windows 7 64 is the absolute best OS and is fully supported until 2020. Go back to the light side of the Force my friends!

          • BuckoA51 says:

            That’s not been our experience at all. I can only think of a couple (this and Bug) that really struggle in Windows 10 and Bug wasn’t exactly Windows 7 friendly.

  24. Johnycagemkx says:

    It’s not working in Windows 10. I have tried upto the final step where we change prefences icon in start. After that the game freezes and I have to restart again. I have the game working but it’s not responding in Windows 10.

    • Johnycagemkx says:

      Whenever I change the prefences the game freezes and there is no sound….. Disappointed with Windows 10…. 7 was better. Why did they upgrade…. This is my favourite game and now all I have to do is stare at my CD . ISO file…. Guys do you have any ideas…. Someone check for Windows 10….

  25. Catarax says:

    Patch for Wndows 10 found!

    English game release required (my french cd release is unpossible to play, crash after EA video, but I was able to transfer the french audio), Native output from 64bits installer, add 3DFX dgvoodoo2 ddls to the main game, then set the exe to “Windows 98 / ME” mode and admin compatibility.

    All will play fine, including the game options, except the movies which remain black and keyboard need to be configured from the text files.

    The MAC port seems to be the best, they fixed left+weapon1+weapon2 together trigerred while on PC, the bot is getting stuck in his move… Any ideas to fix that on Windows?

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Still no dice here I’m afraid

      • Jax-Or says:

        Hi, I got Future Cop working on Windows 10 and it’s great, but after several minutes of playing, I’ve noticed significant slowdown even though it’s a really old game that should work flawlessly on Win10. Is there a workaround for this? Any help would be appreciated.

        Also, can you get Driver, the first game in the Driver series, to work on Windows 10?

        • DCX says:

          Driver runs natively on Windows 10, just exec the config exe as admin, ok and the game as admin. For the audio, you need some CDDA fix to do.

  26. Catarax says:

    I have some issues with diagonal UP+Left or Down+Left command in-game, sometimes it get stuck while using the weapons. Thanks!

  27. Herman Sefring says:

    Guys! Maybe this can work:

    Help me find the PS1 .iso file

  28. Doc says:

    Thanks for uploading the installer, BuckoA51. The last time i played this great game on PC was… a few years ago, and with Win 7 if i recall it correctly. Don’t remember any prob with install or play.
    Things changed with Win10 and 16bit executables doesn’t work anymore, but still, i tried D3D config and to run it on Win10, you need to use Win98 compatibility and then select reduced color palette (16 bits). Options are very buggy, especially sound related ones. You can’t switch to window mode either, 640×480 only in my case. I can only hear sfx sounds unfortunately :( Hope to see this game on GOG some day.

  29. retrospectator says:

    Seconded. I played it before on 7 and things were all OK. Now Windows 10 is more problematic. It plays however the pop-up menus are funk. Trying to open controls or audio settings will make the preferences window un-closeable. Sounds effects alone work. However audio settings shows all sounds are OFF.

  30. raymondbatica says:

    No sounds for movies and voice :( Win10 64bit

  31. Mark Lowe says:


    I have the CD and have been trying to find a way for this to work but no luck. I followed the steps (using Win10) but no luck so far. I go to open it and nothing happens please help.

  32. Michael says:

    I wish this game would get a remaster or a clone, the Multiplayer was so much fun! i really hope that new installer works, i am hyped :)

  33. evhO says:

    I’m on Win10 64′ and I managed to run the game just now in 2021 using:
    PC game FutureCop CD + nGlide + replacement installer I set nGlide to install with these settings:
    Automatic (default)
    Entire screen (default)
    By app (default)
    1.0 (default)

    Installed game with the replacement installer

    and set compatibility on the .exe file to run with this compatibility:
    Windows 98 / Windows ME
    Reduced colour mode: 16bit
    Run as administrator

    The game has sound and everything,
    but opening menus seems to crash the game, for example, if you press ESC, you’re fucked.
    There might be a workaround for that but I haven’t messed around with it yet.
    I also tried plugging in a controller, but it didn’t register,
    there might be a solution for that by messing with the controls but I don’t see any text in the settings menus so I didn’t care to try.
    At least it is possible to play guys :p

    • Tom says:

      Hi, same result as you, game works with this settings (you need to download nGlide and then open nGlide configurator to change these settings), now i have finaly music in game and cutscenes, but game always crashes when i try to press ESC to enter menu, i cant even change control and i cant change from robot to hovercraft.

      For gamepad try to use x360ce emulator or Xpadder, it should emulate modern gamepad to dinput.

      someone menchioned that you you should try to “turn on Dolby Digital encoding”, but i have no idea where i am supposed to change this, because i am using USB sound card

      i will try to fix that ESC problem, but i think there is nothing we can do about it, there wasnt such a problem with windows 7, but there is with windows 10 – definitely something system related.

    • lemon says:

      dude thanks so much, ive been trying different things all day and your advice including the stuff up above finally got me to the finish line and even the ESC key works for me

  34. Megaman says:

    How To Fix Music In Win 10 64 bit
    first open cmd and type regedit and click enter

    go to this path
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Electronic Arts\Future Cop\Settings]

    and change the following values to 1

  35. lemon says:

    ok so my install was working until i either restarted my laptop or it auto-updated at which point now it asks for me to insert the cd when i try to run the program. any ideas?

  36. Iazu says:

    Hmm, I think something messed up when I first tried to post this. Trying again. If it’s dupe please delete….

    I just got this game running over the past day or two (Win10 64bit) so I figured I’d share what I’ve found.

    I’m using DirectX mode running the exe as administrator with DGVoodoo and installed with the custom installer linked here. No compatibility settings other than administrator.

    I got the crashes to stop, and coincidentally fixed the “res higher than 1024×768” bugs by limiting the exe to one cpu core. I personally used the program imagecfg ( ) to set the exe to always use one core but you can also set the affinity using task manager after launching the game (assuming the game doesn’t crash after you alt-tab out that is).

    After setting the affinity to one core I was getting horrendous stuttering. I fixed this by doing two things..
    1) Forcing Vsync for the game in my graphics driver (For Nvidia users “Fast sync” also works well)
    2) Limiting the framerate to 38fps, also via the graphics driver. The game only runs at a weird 37.5 fps anyway so we’re not actually losing frames. You can if you want just limit to 60 but in my experience it has more stutter than 38 and still only runs at 37.5. Also, I tried doing this with Rivatuner and with the frame limiter built into DGVoodoo but neither really worked and just made the stuttering worse. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe they limit frames in a different manner than the control panel.

    Now the only thing that’s not working correctly is the after mission cutscenes. They show up really tiny in the upper left corner of the screen. Probably just running in native res I’d assume. Weird thing is it’s *only* those specific cutscenes after you finish a level. The EA logo, briefings, intro, and credits all display full screen just fine. I’ve tried messing with the various settings in DGVoodoo to no avail but hey, as far as issues go, a few videos running smaller isn’t that big a deal when the rest of the game is working so well.

  37. Cokie says:

    Thank you Bro!,

    it works perfect on Windows 7 x64.

    Started your Installer as Admin, then the Game .exe in Windows 95 compatibility mode and as Admin.

    Thank you a lot!!!

  38. vn08 says:

    it gave me a message ‘insert cd” even tho i have it, help

    • oldgamerIT says:

      Same here. I can install the game just fine on a Windows 8.1 machine, from the original CD-ROM (“collector” reissue), using the replacement installer, but then when I launch the game it asks me to insert the CD even though it’s already in the drive! Pressing OK in the message window just makes it pop up again immediately. I can’t proceed any further. Any ideas?

  39. LemonCitrine says:

    For multiplayer, Game Ranger has had mixed success with online play. There’s a few games that ran in the Future Cop Discord (discord invite code discord gg / Fux7edspSe)

    For anyone really interested in the game, that discord ALSO has a working level editor

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