Get your Rollcage on!

If you’re looking for some multiplayer action in the classic PC racing game Rollcage or Rollcage Stage 2, stop by the newly created Steam group here. This group organises races in both Rollcage and the sequel, Rollcage Stage 2, every Sunday evening around 8PM GMT. In order to connect to other players you will need the Tunngle utility, this is a tool that restores online play to many older PC titles, similar to the GameRanger tool we have mentioned in some of our articles. Find out more about Tunngle here.

Isn’t it awesome that we can still play such old games online on our PC’s? There aren’t many console games this old that can still be played online. Come to think of it there aren’t many this old that could ever be played online in the first place.

Remember, our guide to getting Rollcage running on your modern rig can be found here.


  1. Thanks for your article :)

  2. Piero says:

    I would like to add that recently potterman28wxcv found a way to have ingame chatting capabilities using a tool called Xfire which is kinda like the steam overlay feature. Only that this one works inside of rollcage. This is a VITAL feature given that network setup for multiplayer can cause troubles, and rollcage is known to not like being minimized while trying to reach for the friends chat window to help troubleshoot. With Xfire instead, you can chat with them directly from inside the game menu. Heck, you can chat with them while racing if you want!

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