Fancy some No One Lives Forever multiplayer?

Our friends over at UnityHQ have just set up a free multiplayer server for the game “No One Lives Forever”. This brings the total number of multiplayer servers the community are running to three, one for NOLF and two for the sequel. No One Lives Forever is a a classic 60’s themed first person shooter where you play super-agent Cate Archer. We covered this game back in 2012 and found it works perfectly on modern PCs. You can now play both No One Lives Forever and No One Lives Forever 2 – A Spy in HARM’s Way for free using UnityHQ’s servers. Remember to leave them a donation if you use the server frequently, of course.

Visit the UnityHQ community here.


  1. There are still as of this date about 10 of us worldwide that play. You can join using “Qtracker” or there is a “hosts” file edit that allows you to join the game like normal. Another fellow has a different join program available at his website. He also has the custom maps that the few of us that still play are on. He was also running a few servers. The UnityHQ server is no longer there last time i looked.

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