Fury 3

Genre: Flight Simulator
Release Year: 1995
Developer: Terminal Reality
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Age Rating: 12+
Playability Status: Playable (with significant issues) (Windows 7) Unplayable (Windows 8)
Tested On: Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64
Availability: Copyright retained - Out of print/unavailable

If you thought copyright enforcement was getting strict these days, be thankful you don’t live in the future envisioned in Fury 3. In 2482, intellectual property theft has become so rampant that it has started an all-out intergalactic war. During this conflict, the Terran peace council developed a race of warriors called the Bions. Far from simply suing people for illegally downloading the latest beats on the intergalactic internet, these super soldiers could wipe out an entire planet in a matter of hours. Of course, like all science fiction super soldiers, they got a little bored after the IP wars ended and decided to turn on their creators. After dispatching the Bions, the Terran Council of Peace naturally had its funding cut and after it was discovered that a few Bions had actually survived to plan a counterattack, the council could only spare one measly fighter to counter the threat. As the office intern you have been tasked with piloting this space craft and bringing down the Bions once and for all. Succeed and you’re almost guaranteed a paid job next year.


Fury 3 must be installed manually on modern versions of Windows. To do so, simply insert the CD into your computers optical drive, then browse to the CD in Computer/This PC. On the root directory of the CD there is a folder called “Fury3”. Copy this entire folder to your hard drive.

Setting compatibility options

If you want to play with a modern gamepad, such as an Xbox 360 controller, be sure to set the compatibility options on “FURY3.exe” to run the game in Windows 95 compatibility mode. No other compatibility options should be necessary.

Using game controllers

Fury 3 has limited controller support. By using an Xbox 360 controller you can use the left analogue stick to pilot your craft. You are only able to assign functions to the first four buttons, but if you use a utility such as Xpadder you can map keyboard functions to the remaining buttons as desired.

Troubleshooting and known issues

Cannot open the help file:- Fury 3 comes with a full help file that contains the back story to the game as well as the keyboard commands needed to play. This file is in an older format and will not open directly on modern versions of Windows. Microsoft offer a free download to fix this problem, simply attempt to open the Help file and follow the on-screen instructions. Many users have reported having issues with this download however, with the downloaded update claiming it is “not suitable for your system”. If you need to, use this link to download a program called “winhlp32”. Extract this program from the zip file and run it, you can then open your help file using this program.

Game does not run full screen:- It is not possible to put the game into full screen mode, attempting to do so will usually just crash the game. This is possibly due to the game being so old that its full screen resolution is smaller than modern graphics cards and monitors can typically display.

Sound playback issues:- On our test machine, sound playback in Fury 3 was blighted by clicks and stuttering. We were not able to find a workaround for this problem apart from running the game in a Windows 98 virtual machine, which then prevents game controllers working correctly.

Windows 8 incompatible:- We were not able to run this game on our Windows 8 machine, running the game gave us this error message:-


Other reports on the internet suggest this may be an anomaly on our machine and the game may work for you, but of course there are no guarantees.

Can you submit a fix?

Do you know how to get this game working in Windows 8? Or perhaps you have a tip to get it working better in Windows 7? Help the community by submitting a comment below and letting us know.


  1. Jess says:

    I guess I have a ‘sort of’ fix for this. Okay so I got the same error message as you guys got on Windows 8, but I run Windows 7. I followed all your instructions and boom, nothing. I kept reinserting the disc with no luck so this is what I did; I went into ‘Computer’ and clicked down the left hand directory on the D drive (this had the little Fury 3 picture on it and brought up the contents of the cd). I then clicked on the folder that said “FURY 3”. I clicked on the “FURY 3” file with the FURY 3 picture and it worked right away. Runs fine but DON’T go into a tunnel, the game crashed when I did this and haven’t come up with a fix for this yet.

    • FliPmOdE says:

      Ok. Some clarifications:

      1st: the game only runs in fullscreen on NON-NT windows systems (i.e.: Win3.1/11, Win95/98se).
      Beyond that fullscreen won’t work… period.
      2nd: I managed to get it working on Win8.1 Pro 32 bit. I can’t recall if you have to set compatibility for the setup .exe, but if you set the compatibility to Win95 you should be good, joystick also seems to work (tested with xb360 controller). The only thing bothering me is that the sound quality on non-NT systems used to be waaaayy better. I think it has something to do with the resampling done by windows.

      Hope this helps.

      PS: be sure to run the game first, set audio preferences(buffers etc.) and THEN set compatibility mode, otherwise it won’t retain the audio settings.
      after that don’t touch the audio settings.

      PS 2: Choose joystick+throttle to use the xb360’s triggers for speed control.

  2. syleox says:

    as i tried this game 20 years ago, i wanted today to dive into nostalgia
    just to say that i have succeeded to launch this game on windows 8.1 64b in full screen…
    i’ve juste monted the iso file with daemon tools & lauch the game directly from the executable in the main program repertory (fury3.exe)…
    just don’t know why i can play in full screen, perhaps my graphic card (integrated intel hd) is better for retrocompatibilty than the “dedicated to gaming” cards

  3. Oddbrother says:

    I’ve installed and played this game without error on Windows 10, including full screen.

    • FliPmOdE says:

      OK cool, will definetly trie that in the near future when i install windows 10.
      Maybe i’m also gonna look into the sound quality issue (it’s an issue for me anyways).

    • FliPmOdE says:

      I tried it on Win10. Settings seem to be the same as with win8.1. I can’t get fullscreen though.
      It crashes when trying to change to full screen. Same as on Win8.1.
      Maybe i’ll make a Win95 VM just for this game (and maybe others).

  4. DesertRat says:

    I was able to copy over the folder w/ the game executable off the CD onto my SSD, then just ran the executable w/ 256 color and admin privileges. Works seemingly flawlessly on Windows 10 x64. I did have an issue w/ the game crashing when entering a tunnel, but that was remedied by creating a savepoint. I suspect that when you enter a tunnel it saves the game in case you die in the tunnel.

    • Abbhyperion says:

      I have a similar file configuration for Windows 10 x64, but… how exactly does creating a savepoint solves the tunnel crashing? When or how do you have to do it? Or you just need to avoid entering any tunnel (in that case you wouldn’t go very far in the game). The error message I ran into says ‘cannot save enemy!,’ is this the same case?.

      • FliPmOdE says:

        I’m on Win10 x64 and i’m not experiencing any of these problems.
        I have no compatibility settings enabled, except for admin priviliges.

        Copied the Fury3 folder directly from a mounted CD-image and ran fury3.exe.
        Played through the first 2 missions, but no crashes at the tunnels. Maybe it’s configuration specific or maybe compat. settings.

        Whenever i want to play this game for nostalgia i boot up my Win98 VM. It maybe a bit of a hassle to set up but still gives the best experience imho.

  5. demon says:

    I’ve tried everything that I can think of and the game absolutely will not allow me to use a joystick in windows 8.1. It’s like it doesn’t recognize it for some reason, but the computer recognizes it and the joystick is properly calibrated. Anyone got any tips that I might not have tried yet? I attempted to change the compatibility settings to see if that would fix it and it made no difference whatsoever. Works fine with the keyboard, but the joystick is just better for flight related games because it is more responsive.

  6. FliPmOdE says:

    Ok so these steps worked for me (On Win8.1/10 32bit):

    1. Copy the Fury3 folder (the actual game) from the install disc skipping installation alltogether.
    2. Run the fury3.exe and change sound settings (should be buffers=3, size=2048).
    3. Exit the game.
    4. Set compatibility mode to Win95.
    5. Run the game again and set control to Joystick+Throttle, but DON’t click the calibrate button (it will “hang” the current window and sort of crash the game).

    If you use an xbox360/one controller, your throttle will always be at half speed as you can slow down with LT and speed up with RT. A is fire and B is turbo (if u have any). The rest is still keyboard commands (like weapon change/save etc.).

    I don’t have experience with joysticks other then the X360/One controller.

    I’m gonna make a VM (virtual machine) with Win95 just for this game to see if i can improve playability and sound quality.

  7. Vel'Navyr says:

    on Window’s 10, i first attempted to install normally and pc auto set up compatability followed by “not enough memory” error of which i then copied fury3 folder to desktop and ran game normally, sound worked fine and i was able to turn on fullscreen mode without any difficulties

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