Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Star Wars Ep 1 Racer
Genre: Racing
Release Year: 1999
Developer: LucasArts
Publisher: LucasArts
Age Rating: Everyone
Playability Status: Playable (with significant issues)
Tested On: Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64
Availability: Copyright retained - Still sold

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Star Wars Episode I may divide the opinion of Star Wars fans, but the fast and furious pod-racing scenes from the film remain a highlight. Of course, it didn’t take long before LucasArts gave us the chance to try our own hands at pod racing from the comfort of our PCs or games consoles. A long long time ago (well okay, only back in March 2013), we reluctantly told you that Star Wars – Episode 1 Racer didn’t work on modern systems. Now we’re back again with a possible fix for this old game, as well as an updated 64-bit compatible installer. However, Star Wars Racer is a game fraught with strange complications and problems and may not work on all PCs. Our only advice is to try it and cross your fingers! version

In May 2018, Star Wars Episode 1: Racer finally arrived on This week we were able to check out a copy and it seems that most of the problems with the game are now in fact solved. You can download the version here.

We were able to play the first couple of tracks in the GoG.Com version with no issues. It remains to be seen if some of the more obscure issues, like problems with the controller in later levels, are now actually solved.

A couple of observations about the version can be found below.

Gog.Com Episode I: Racer is set to run as administrator – have chosen to set the game to run with administrator privileges. This actually appears to be necessary the first time you run the game, otherwise you may get no audio. However, on subsequent sessions you can disable this. To do so, use the compatibility options on the games icon. For a tutorial on these options, click here.

Controller bindings not included – As the Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller is the standard for so many PC gamers these days, it would have been good if had included a pre-configured file for this game controller. Instead, all controls are left blank. If you’re using a 360 or Xbox One controller, you can download our pre-made configuration file here. Unzip the “” file and copy it to the games installation directory, in the data\config\current sub-folders, overwriting the file that’s already there. You should then be all set to play with a Xbox controller.


While Star Wars Episode I: Racer will install without any issues on a 32 bit machine, if you are running the 64 bit version of Windows then the installer will simply not run (obviously this doesn’t apply to the version). We originally produced our own replacement installer but this is no longer updated. Instead, grab the latest and greatest replacement installer from this page.

If for any reason you need our old installer, you can still get it here. This installer will also copy a fan-made patch, which makes it possible to run the game on (most) modern PCs. You can download the installer here (link broken? Let me know here). We have tested the installer on several PCs but of course there could always be bugs. If you have any issues please leave a comment at the bottom of this article and let us know. The installer was updated on the 12th January 2015 with an updated graphics patch (see below).

Running the game

After installation with our new installer, you have two options for starting the game. You can use the “Play Star Wars Racer (Fixed EXE)” link to launch the fan-made patch version or you can use the original executable on its own or in conjunction with DXWnd. Only by trial and error can you find out which method (if any) works best for you.

Episode 1 Racer graphics patch

Thanks to an anonymous contributor (and to Patryckpo in the comments) for bringing this to our attention. The original Star Wars Episode 1 Racer game would not run on most modern PCs at all. The game had corrupt graphics throughout, making it totally unplayable. By using our replacement installer, the fan-made patch is installed automatically, correcting problems with the games graphics. The game should now run on the majority of PCs. Please read the troubleshooting section if you have any issues. 12/01/15 update – We’ve just pushed a significant update to this patch. The patch now uses the updated version of WineD3D as compiled by dosse91. This significantly improved the games start-up time on our PC.

To start the game using this patched version, use the “Play Star Wars Racer (Fixed EXE)” shortcut on your Start menu/screen or desktop. Be patient when starting the game as it can take some time. If the game simply won’t start for you even after you follow all the troubleshooting steps, you can try the DXWnd method detailed below.

Original executable

Since it was brought to our attention that the original executable file actually works better than the fan-made patch for some people, we’ve changed the installer so that it now installs both versions. If you need to run the original, unpatched version of the game for any reason, use the “Play Star Wars Racer (Original EXE)” shortcut. On a small number of machines, this original un-patched version may work without any additional steps.

Alternative method – DXWnd

Thanks to the community on for bringing this to our attention. This method of launching the game may help some of you that cannot run it using the provided patch. As stated above we have updated the replacement installer so that it now installs two versions of the game, the original version and the fan-made patch. To carry out this procedure please use the original version (SWEP1RCR.EXE) of the game.

Before you get your hopes up too high, we should point out that we have NOT been able to get this technique to work at all. We have tried three different PCs, two with Windows 8 and one with Windows 7 and it did not work on any of them. The game simply crashed as soon as we started it with DXWnd. Nevertheless other users around the internet claim it works for them, so if you are determined to try, here’s how to do it.

Start by downloading DXWnd. You can download DXWnd here. Click on the green “Download” button to get the file. The file is downloaded as a .rar archive. If you don’t have any software that can open this kind of file, we recommend 7-zip. You can download 7-zip here. Tutorials on how to use 7-Zip can be found here.

Once you have downloaded DXWnd, extract all the files from the rar archive to a folder on your PC. Now, run the DXWnd program by clicking on the “dxwnd.exe” file. A small window will open on your desktop. From the available menus, choose File->Import. A file requester window will now appear. Browse to the folder where you installed DXWnd and open the “exports” sub-folder. In this folder there are several files, find the one called “Star Wars Episode 1 Racer” and double click on it.

If you completed the above steps correctly, you should now see “Star Wars Episode 1 Racer” has appeared in the DXWnd window as per the picture below.




You should now right click on “Star Wars Episode 1 Racer” in the DXWnd window and choose “Modify”. A “Target” window will then appear. Make sure the “Main” tab is selected. You need to check that the value entered in the “Path:” box is correct. This needs to point to the SWEP1RCR.EXE file within your Star Wars Racer game directory. If you installed to the default location, the path to the file will be “C:\Games\Star Wars Racer\SWEP1RCR.EXE”. Either manually edit this line or use the “…” button to browse to the correct folder. The screenshot below shows an example of a correctly configured path.




Click on “OK”. You can now start the game by right clicking on the “Star Wars Episode 1 Racer” entry and choosing “Run”. If you are lucky, the game will now start and run without graphical glitches. If you don’t want to run the game in a window, right click on “Star Wars Episode 1 Racer” and choose “Modify” again and this time deselect “Run in Window” on the “Main” tab.

Yet another alternative – dgVoodoo2

Some users have reported better results when using the PC retrogamers friend dgVoodoo2. For a tutorial on how to do this, see this page. Star Wars Racer is a DirectX game and you must use the original executable with dgVoodoo2.

Tweaking visual settings

There are some basic visual settings you can tweak in the game. To do this, start the game and from the title screen, go to Video settings. On a modern PC you can turn on all options. Leave “Lens Flare” off if you are tired of fake lens flare effects (who isn’t these days?). We’ll look at some advanced, hidden settings later in the article.

Configuring controllers/gamepads

Star Wars Racer supports modern controllers, though configuring bindings is a bit of a bind in-game. From the games options menu, you can configure controller settings, though you can’t clear bindings and you can only invert the first three axes on your controller (inverting all the axes is required for Xbox 360 controller). If you installed the game using our new installer, it should have been pre-configured for Xbox 360 controller use (hint – pull back on the right stick then click it down to boost). There are several controller settings you can configure by manually editing configuration files too.

You can download our pre-made configuration file for Xbox controllers here. Unzip the “” file and copy it to the games installation directory, in the data\config\current sub-folders, overwriting the file that’s already there. You should then be all set to play with a Xbox controller.

Manually editing settings

The in-game settings menu leaves a lot to be desired. True Jedi masters will want to delve into the games configuration files and edit them manually for best results. To access these options, browse to the games installation directory and look for a folder called “Data”. Open this folder and look for a sub-folder called “config”. Inside this folder there should be another sub-folder called current. Inside current are the games configuration files. You can edit these manually. Unfortunately, doing so in the standard Windows notepad tool proved exceptionally difficult since the files formatting became corrupt. We recommend you download and install the Notepad++ tool here. With this tool installed, simply right click on any of the files in this folder and choose “edit with Notepad++”. The files we are most interested in are and video.cfg.

By editing the file called “” you can change joystick bindings. The easiest way is to edit as many bindings as you can in-game then tweak the file here. To delete a binding simply delete the entire line in the text file.

By editing video.cfg you can enable some hidden graphics settings. For the highest quality video, set the following options in the file.

VIDEO                       REFLECTIONS=ON             
VIDEO                       ZEFFECTS=ON                
VIDEO                       DYNAMIC_LIGHTING=ON        
VIDEO                       VSYNC=ON                  
VIDEO                       LENSFLARE=ON               
VIDEO                       ENGINEEXHAUST=ON           
VIDEO                       TEXTURE_RES=1              
VIDEO                       MODEL_DETAIL=3             
VIDEO                       DRAWDISTANCE=3

If you choose “Enable undocumented graphics enhancements” when using our custom installer, these options will be set for you already. If you find these enhancements don’t work well for you and you want to go back to the default, simply delete the entire video.cfg file. The game will create a new one with the default settings the next time it is started.

Widescreen support

Supposedly, it is possible to run Star Wars Racer in widescreen by hacking the executable. However, in our tests this simply did not work. For anyone who wants to try the widescreen hack themselves, the details are available here.


This game is extremely problematic and may require Jedi levels of patience in order to get it working. In testing and configuring we found the following additional issues.

Corrupt videos:- Happens particularly on Windows 8 machines. Sometimes setting compatibility options to run the game in reduced colour mode (16-bit 65535 colour) can help.

Game takes a very long time to start:- This can happen if your game CD is dirty, damaged or the PC is having a hard time reading it. Be patient when starting the game! On some machines it takes several minutes to load.

Game freezes on or before the intro:- Be patient when starting the game! On some machines it takes several minutes to load. If the game locks up before the intro plays, or as the intro is playing, try restarting your PC. Make sure that no other applications are running that could overlay graphics onto the game. Disable as many other programs as possible (instant messengers, web browsers, e-mail programs etc). Add the game to your Windowblinds exclusions and disable/hide Stardock Fences and Stardock Deskscapes if installed. Disable any secondary monitors, if present. The slow startup problem should be significantly improved with the latest version of the Episode 1 Racer graphics patch.

No sound card detected:- Sometimes the game will play audio just fine in the introduction, then fail to play any sound whatsoever in the main game. Going into the audio settings, the game displays a “No sound card detected” message. To solve this problem, you will need to run the game as administrator.

Configuration tool doesn’t start on some PCs:- To set the games screen resolution and various other options, you need to start the games configuration tool (which we called “Configure Star Wars Racer” when using our new installer). However on some machines this tool simply will not launch. We found that the configuration tool would not run at all when we were running Windows 7, but a switch to Windows 8 on the exact same hardware and the tool ran without a problem. On other Windows 7 PCs it ran just fine too. If you cannot start the tool, you can run our installation utility to set the screen resolution.

Configuration tool doesn’t allow screen mode changes:- Instead of being given a list of available screen-modes, the configuration utility just shows an empty list. Use our custom installer to set screen modes instead.

Game defaults to 800×600 or 640×480 resolution:- Possibly related to the above, on some machines the game will not run in any other resolution. Try restarting your PC and then running the game as administrator. You can also try clearing the virtual store section in the registry (a tutorial on how to do this is coming soon).

Problems saving games and configuration files:- Like many old games, Star Wars Racer saves configuration files to the same directory as it is installed to. That means that if you install the game to your program files directory, you may have trouble saving your progress. Either install the game to a different directory (e.g C:\Games) or configure the permissions on the games installation folder to give you read/write access. A tutorial on how to do this can be found here. When using the games configuration tool, run it as administrator to ensure that changes get saved properly.


  1. Arclite says:

    Bummer. I still have this game and was planning on giving it a run through again now that my son is getting older. It was a lot of fun back in the day.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      It may be possible to get the game working using what’s known as a virtual machine. It’s something I will look into sometime in the future.

    • Steve Stevenson says:

      Or grab an N64… Funny that this PC version has trouble running on a 64 bit system… Heh.

      • BuckoA51 says:

        The N64 version runs at 320×240, even on an emulator you can’t really compare that to the PC version.

        • atoneapone says:

          Agreed! I tried out the N64 & Dreamcast emulator before gettin the PC version to work, & PC is still the best fastest & easiest to play.
          The DCemu is 2nd best if you want more of a challenge due to less responsiveness & the N64 looks the worst of the 3 versions but still plays ok.

        • TheVest says:

          The N64 version also has skybox texture errors, and will not detect an expansion pack on an emulator even if you have expansion pack emulation enabled.

  2. Bassem says:

    Sadly, the following options do not work:
    -Windows XP Mode
    -XP virtual machien on Virtual Box

  3. patryckpo says:

    Hey, I found it!
    (link removed)
    Just extract it in game’s folder (try to have a FULL install) and run SWEP1RCR_nocd.exe
    It runs like a charm in my Windows Vista. Took some time to find a way to run it (patch or update), but now we can relive this classic!
    If the author wants to edit the main page, go ahead. It works.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Hi Patryckpo, we checked out the link and it appears to contain a virus and/or a no-cd crack. It is possible this is a false positive but we need more information first, thanks.

      • patryckpo says:

        Well, that’s all I could find…
        No virus in file (scanned here with NOD32 and nothing found), but there is a no-cd crack, unfortunately.
        I couldn’t find any other link (with a “non patched” version), maybe you guys could download the original file and then update this post with a version without the no-cd executable (only the .dll files or something, I don’t know if it works, since my version was patched with the no-cd crack and I don’t have the original executable anymore, I lost the disc some years ago), anyways, this is a cool game to play, very addicting!
        … But I guess that the main deal is in the .dll files …
        Anyway, thank you.

        • BuckoA51 says:

          Hi again, we uploaded the file to a multi-virus checker and 1 out of the 32 virus checkers said that both the files contained a virus, so could quite possibly be a false positive. Could you possibly link us to an authors page (even if it is in Russian) so we can find out more about the fix? Thanks again for your contribution, sorry for being over zealous but I have to be cautious before I offer files for people to download.

  4. patryckpo says:

    Well, where you experienced that? Anyway, I’ll test it here on my computer again, sorry for the late reply.

  5. patryckpo says:

    Yeah, probably, I tested here again, no problems. I got some video driver problems (what reminds me of upgrading my PC to Win7), but everything was resolved. Like I’d mentioned above, it works for sure. Let’s see if now it works for you.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Hi again, well I have updated the article. Using the fix I have written a new installer, but I still have a lot of problems with the game freezing on startup particularly. Still, at least it is playable now.

      Thanks for finding this fix for us all!

  6. Tony abcdq2 says:

    THANKS FOR POSTING AND SHARING THIS NEW Installer with the graphic fixes. No more awful white screen bug,so the graphic fix worked perfectly and game plays great. I have been hoping for a fix for 2 years, and finally I can play it great on all Windows 7 systems.(runs great on my notebook with AMD A6 3400m APU +6650m(6720G2).

    -The only thing I have to tolerate is the slow buggy startup, but after 2 minutes of closing windows and letting it load up it works

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Glad it worked for you! Yes the startup problem is bizarre, I’ve not been able to figure out what causes that but if I do I will update the article again.

  7. Friso says:

    I have a windows 7 32 bit. The normal installer gives me white backgrounds in the game (I think here referred to as the corrupt graphics). The patched version you made complains about me having ‘no 3d hardware found’. Do you have an idea what I can do? I’d really love to play this game again.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Can you use the “Configure Star Wars Racer” tool to select your video options?

      • Friso says:

        Yeah, but when I click on ‘Change Display Settings’ I get the same error.

        • Friso says:

          With the normal installation (without your installer) I don’t have problems changing the display settings.

          • BuckoA51 says:

            What are your system specs? Have you run the game and the configuration tool as administrator?

          • BuckoA51 says:

            My installer doesn’t actually change the configuration utility at all so I can’t explain that. You could try renaming your Ep1 Racer install folder to OLD, reinstalling with the old installer then copying all files from the OLD folder back over.

    • Friso says:

      Yes, I just tried it. The system checker says the game requires a 3d video card. Well, I guess that must be the problem then. So strange the game will run (with corrupted graphics) with the normal installer though.

      • kido.resuri says:

        Same here. I’m running Windows 7 64 bit, with Radeon HD5450. With the normal 64 bit installer the game starts with corrupted graphic, but with the “new” installer it can’t detect 3d video card.. :(

  8. Krazna says:

    Hey guys all I seem to get is a white screen when playing I can just about see my racer but nothing in front of it just all white. I dont have my original cd anymore it is long lost and your installer asks for it. Anyway around it ?

  9. Lukas says:

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me entirely. I can start the game, I can even play. Thats a big improvement for me (I wasn’t able to install the game at all). But there are ugly graphic bugs in the game that won’t let me see much. For example there is a big blue stripe from one side to the other, so i cannot see much of what is coming :(
    Similar situation in the menu. Green and other coloured surfaces hide most information about pilots and tracks

    I hope you can give a working solution
    but thanks a lot anyway and I hope you understand my denglish :)

    • lennox says:

      Exactly the same problem!!

    • Halbam says:

      Which language did you install the game in? When I installed it with my German disc, I got the same errors. After installing it with an English CD image, it worked.

      • jedi-ctx says:

        I published a tutorial at the bottom of the comment page in order to get french/german/spanish/italian language over the english patched game. Hope it’ll fix your issue.

  10. Pablo Cubero says:

    I can play now, the white screen is gone. But i have other bug: the minimap and que top bar are very big and I can’t see half of the screen. Thanks

  11. BuckoA51 says:

    Everyone having issues, are you all running ATI graphics cards?

  12. VitusCrusader says:

    Thank you so much! I’m looking for the solution for months!!!

    Wonderful Website, i love it ;-)

  13. Ster says:

    Hi, i used the installer that you upload. when i want to run SWEP1RCR.EXE stay few sec black window and appear a window saying rdroid_gnome release build has stopped working.
    check online for a solution…, close de program, debug the progam.

    know whats wrong?

    i have win7 ultimate SP1 64bits

  14. Ster says:

    “On some machines it takes several minutes to load”
    it just take few sec for the error

    “try restarting your PC”
    Already did it

    “Make sure that no other applications are running that could overlay graphics onto the game”
    Already did it

    “Disable as many other programs as possible (instant messengers, web browsers, e-mail programs etc)”
    Already did it

    “as many other programs as possible (instant messengers, web browsers, e-mail programs etc). Add the game to your Windowblinds exclusions and disable/hide Stardock Fences, if installed. Disable any secondary monitors, if present.”

    i do not have installed.

    any suggestion?

    • Stranger says:

      Hi, I used your installer but when I wanted to run SWEP1RCR.EXE the screen stays black and only my mouse cursor is visible. There is only a window (after I hit the windows key) with racer_error saying rdroid_gnome release build has stopped working.
      I checked every possible solution (and of course your troubleshooting guide), but nothing seems to help.

      I also tried a different approach with the installer from Markus Egger. With this installer the game works, but when I have to choose a racer there are no pods and no pilots visible and after that I have the whitescreen bug. So I tried the solution from this page (the program dxwnd):

      But then I get rdroid_gnome release build crash too.

      I have win 7 64 bit and and ATI Radeon HD 5770.

      Would be great if someone has any ideas!

      • BuckoA51 says:

        You need to use the original exe not the fixed version if you want to try with DXWnd. Markus’ installer doesn’t do anything only install the game (no patching) I’ll be revisiting this game soon as DXWnd has just had an update that people are reporting works for them.

  15. Geliv says:

    Hey I have the problem that when I want to start the Game in the reduced color mode, it wont start. I dont know why because without it, the game starts really fast and without problems. It’s not cool because the whole screen is covered in green. help pls

  16. FeTo says:

    Hi there,
    first things first:
    THANK YOU for this great installer, I can play it on W7 but i still have a problem…
    When i get to the point, where i can choose the podracer or the track the Interface is really messed up and is all over the screen…
    also while racing, the map and the temperature is also not like it should be – maybe someone has experienced the same problem and could give me some tips :)

  17. Jeroen says:

    Oh my god. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. THIS IS THE S*** <3

  18. thierry rodriguez says:

    Thanks a lot for your great installer tool !
    Now, this old game is working fine on my Windows 8 pc using a 650M Nvidia graphic card !
    Thanks again !

    • ChrisNB says:

      How did you manage to make it work, did you do something special ?
      I’m using Windows 8 with a Nvidia 860M and it is playable but with graphic glitches : 3D graphics are okay but the 2D ones are buggy either in the pod choosing menu or while playing.

      • Halbam says:

        Which language did you install the game in? The German version had 2D texture glitches for me as well, while the English version worked perfectly.

  19. Jeffen8 says:

    Getting rdroid_agent has stopped working error when starting the game

    I did a clean boot and disconnected my other monitors

    setting the compatibility mode for XP SP3 i get up to the blue loading line before it crashes. without compatibility mode it crashes before i even get to that screen.

    system specs are
    2x gtx 780
    32gb ram
    windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

  20. James says:

    I feel like I am Glued to the ground and I feel like I take god like damage from nothing as well, but On my last play through on an original XP system I do not recall it functioning like this. Also ramps feel more like stairs. Is this fixable? or am I crazy?

  21. James says:

    Another Symptom is during game play, Inside the Anti-Gravity Tunnels I cannot turn. I can Only go in the Exact middle. And when Especially on the credits screen, the video plays at about 100x normal speed, (this also happens during the victory scene after the 7th race for each division) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  22. simon says:

    I get a don’t send error when i install the game with the provided installer.Im running on XP sp3…

  23. Skrogh says:

    Ah this is nice, I remember playing this a lot as a kid.

    One thing, does anyone else have problems with the hud? mine is all jacked up, wrong or stretched images all over the place, makes flying hard and upgrading impossible.

  24. Sebulba says:

    I have windows vista and I got the white screen glitch, so I reinstalled it with this installer. But now whenever I try to start the game it won’t start at all and I get the message: unable to continue. Any ideas?

  25. Steve says:

    Play in Windows 8.1 64-bit SOLVED!
    STEP 1: Google “star wars episode 1 racer msi installer” and follow the instructions by Markus Egger to create a new CD
    STEP 2: Install the game in C:\games\
    STEP 3: Locate the folder RACER in c:\games\lucasarts\ and grant full control permissions to the current user e.g. so that the game can save progress.
    That’s it! It works perfect for me in Windows 8.1!

    • BuckoA51 says:

      That doesn’t work for the majority of people, on most new systems the graphics are completely corrupt when running on a modern PC.

      Also if you want to use our installer (which is far simpler) you can just copy the executable file back from your original CD if you want to use the un-patched version.

  26. FeTo says:

    Hey BuckoA51
    Have you ever encountered this HUD-problem?

  27. Jonathan says:

    For years I’ve been trying to get this game to work on my PC, and the only thing I got was a white screen …
    Now, with this installer, I can play this wonderful game again …
    for the person who made this installer, all I have to say is: THANK YOU, you do not know how that made ​​me happy!
    this person and this site has my eternal thanks!
    I’m sorry if my English was not so good, I’m from Brazil, but I think you know what I mean! Any chance for making the same installer for The Phantom Menace?
    Thank you again!

  28. Dark_Tyr_3 says:

    on a clean install (without your installer) i can play the game but i i can’t see past the front of my pod racer,

    but when i use your installer i don’t even get to the intro movies and the game crashed with a box saying
    “rdroid_gnome release build has stopped working”
    i’ve restarted my computer several times and made sure that as many programs are shut as possible
    i’m running Win 7 ultimate 32 bit

    • BuckoA51 says:

      See the troubleshooting section, you need to wait a long time for the game to start. Don’t click your mouse or hit keys as that can cause it to instantly crash.

  29. zixr says:

    I can’t say this enough: Thank you so friggin’ much! I’ve been tearing my hair out for the past year trying to get this to work on Windows 7 x64. I ended up throwing together an XP machine just to play this game. Today, I got the itch to try to install it on my main rig and I found this page, much to my luck!

    Running perfectly on my machine:

    MB: Asus Gryphon Z87
    CPU: Intel Core i7 4770
    MEM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB
    GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 660
    OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1


  30. Werefinding says:

    Ultimately, you can download the Nintendo 64 Emulator and play SWE1 over that.

  31. Mindbomber says:

    Hey guys.
    you did a nice job with the installer.
    the patched version has the bug that as the video sequence with the text starts (or you try to skip it) windows will say that the program isnt working.when you click the message away the game remains to be more white than normal (but the videos are working).after the videos but before the menu the game crashs then.and there is no sound in the video sequences.
    the original one is working but without sound.when you change compatibility to win 98 there is sound but most videos are in wrong coulors,size and speed.
    (slow,sth purplelike and in the left of the screen,tiny)
    I will now try to run without compability as administrator. (as you mentioned in the article)
    anyway thank you very much.

    • Mindbomber says:

      ok i should have read the article better :D
      when i run as administrator sound and videos work fine.
      pls work at the patched version bug i would like to play it aswell.

      • Mindbomber says:

        I made a mistake the videos before each race still have wrong coulors and size.
        the others work normally

        • BuckoA51 says:

          Seems like everyone has a different issue with this game. I haven’t given up entirely on a fix but don’t hold your breath.

          • Mindbomber says:

            well i have to correct myself again some videos before races work fine :D
            anyway i give a crap about videos before each race i just love the game play and you did an awesome job there

  32. A cool game to play ! A little easy still, once you have all the upgrades. Musics are awesome, as always in Star Wars

  33. Beakman says:

    The DXWnd method worked for me. I had to, although, modify the DirectX detection. Instead of the default “DirectX Version Hook -> Automatic” I used the DirectX1~6 option. It has minor graphic glitches, but it’s completely playable. My computer is running Windows 7 x64.

  34. Pave64 says:

    Thanks a lot! So this is my pc:
    CPU: FX-6300
    GPU: 7790HD
    RAM: 8GB DDR3

    Fixed exe works good, but I have pauses between items in junkyard, and controls does not work good in anti-grav tunnels.
    Original exe surprisingly works too, but it’s like 15fps or less, very hard to play, but above issues does not apply.

  35. Draken Stark says:

    I’ve got to say that over six years ago I searched long and hard for a fix to this game. I loved the game so much that I still have a laptop that really overheats just to play this game. I’ve even written an awesome Wiimote script to play the game with. I’ve yet to make any video of it as I’d like to.

    Finally I’ll get to why I’m really posting. The installer works awesome for me, I can play the game again with my wii controllers and plays like a dream, but there are still a minor issue. When I start the game the windows mouse and the game mouse are both on the screen and move at different speeds. Is there a setting to change hardware mouse on/off?

    Finally after running the game in Admin and enabling sound, you can exit and use the game without running it as Admin and still have sound it seems.

    Lastly it seems the file name is really important? When I change it to anything but “SWEP1RCRFIX.EXE” the screen stretches itself off screen. Reason I found this is because I have hacked the original EXE file to have various resolutions available for my laptop and HDTVs. Perhaps you may add it into your installer to have not only one EXE, but one EXE for each resolution selected? I’d be thankful if you would also include common widescreen resolutions as options. The cherry on top of this incredibly awesome gift! I’d also be willing to share my custom script for such a thing. (Been busy else it would have already been public.)

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Hi Draken, glad the fix worked for you. I’ve noticed the two-pointer thing myself but it didn’t bother me that much, it’s easy to get used to.

      The filename shouldn’t be important at all, I only changed it so that we could include both versions of the game in the installer, as for a rare number of people the original Lucasarts version worked best.

      As for the Widescreen hack, it simply doesn’t work for me so I can’t test it, that’s why it’s not included. By all means if you’ve a nice easy guide to activating them let us know and I’ll update the article though.

      • Draken Stark says:

        I’d really prefer to have the windows mouse hidden as I show off my wiimote work in public parties. Once in game there’s no capability to use the mouse as the player is only using the wii controllers. (Yes they may quit the game on accident, but at that point someone goes out to find me to start the game again. If it’s just too difficult to implement, I can understand.

      • Draken Stark says:

        I managed to get both 1920×1080 working along with 1366×768 (my laptop’s resolution). With a tweak to my wii controller scripting I was able to get the mouse hidden in the corner of the screen, but I’m still experimenting with that. For the most part everything is working like it did on my old laptop so now I no longer need it!

        Now BuckoA1, you said you weren’t able to get the Widescreen Gaming Forum’s hack to work? What ended up being the problem if you don’t mind my asking?

  36. Winier_Kill says:

    I have a problem with STAR WARS RACER..
    I open the game normally.. But when I go to RUN in RACER..
    I dont look none. I look the car only. all the map is white color. Help me how repair it

  37. mike21895 says:

    I installed using the patched installed but even using the Fixed exe tells me to insert the CD? im confused..i havent tried the other method yet though

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Make sure your CD is in the first optical drive, first as in the drive with the first drive letter alphabetically.

      • mike21895 says:

        Okay my mistake I thought the fixed exe meant you didnt need the I put the CD in the drive and ran the Fixed EXE icon and it crashes with rdroid_release build has stopped working..I tried the “original” one and the game runs etc but graphics dont work (green wall infront of pod) and “no sound card detected”

  38. Olganix says:

    Dude, you are good.
    For many years I have tryed some solutions. I try DxWnd with no (or a little) hope on the modified installation, but it’s work , and very good!!!!
    Thank you a lot.

    Ps: my only old pc which could use the game begin to be hot when I play (same after cleaning fan). It is on the end of his live.
    So it’s cool to play it on my current pc.

    for informations, I’m on a Asus GW75, so win7, intel Core i7-3610QM with a Nvidia 670M.
    I’m use the version v2_02_85_build of DxWnd.

    I notice if a move the window, the blank screen come back again. May be a kind of “Device Lost”.

    I known what I will doing tomorrow (it’s 1 am) :)

    Thank you again.

  39. Nick says:

    do I need a CD to install this? If not how do I install?

  40. Jon Snow says:

    Hey guys, well, I almost ran the game well. I used your installer, and could open the game without crashing using the windows 95 compatibility mode (the 98 works too) on the original exe. The problem is that the videos look just… Bad, and in a little square on a side of the screen. Then, when I get to race, there’s a green screen covering all the front of my pod, so I cannot see anything that’s in front of me. Could you please help me?

  41. HP says:

    I can confirm that DXWnd method worked for my laptop with Win 7. Don’t hesitate to try it!

  42. Fire Ze Missiles says:

    Just to notify everyone of another possible variant in making this thing work: for me, the only way to get it to run without errors was a) through DxWnd, and b) using this website’s custom installer, but ONLY when installed on the lower resolutions. I initially tied to install at 1280×768 and it repeatedly CTD’d, but after uninstalling and reinstalling at 800×600 it now works fine. So that’s something else to try!

  43. rnz_ says:

    Hai, did anyone find a solution for the “missing” 3D cards? I think this problem shows up most of the time when you try to run it with integrated graphic cards (like i do on my laptop). I downloaded like 6 different versions (including yours), patched and non patched and all ends up the same: Either horrible white graphic bugs or I can’t even start it cuz of the video card :<

    SPecs: Win7 32bit, Toshiba satellite with integrated Vcard.

  44. Chrno says:


    thank you very very much^^
    I’m searching for it since Windows 7 came out.
    I also get the FIX exe to a NO-CD mode. That is grate because I have only my External Bluray drive. That ist the most time in my bag.

    PC Configuration:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
    32GB Ram
    Intel Core i7-3770K
    ASUS P8Z77 WS
    ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti

  45. cyb3rpic says:

    If you have a radeon HD7XXX
    you needn’t the fix.ece or DXWnd.

    You just need the original exe and play the game

  46. jedi-ctx says:

    Oh my god!
    Many thanks for this, working perfectly on Nvidia Gforce GTX 770 with Windows 8.1 Update 1 !

    But you really should mention this :
    – French and German discs version doesn’t work completely (and probably Italian/Spanish), there is some of theses green color over the screen, making the game playable but without the possibility to watch everything (so, unpossible to play very well)

    – Everything worked for me after using an english game! (after reading some nvidia comments also)

    I’m going to try to patch sounds with french disc .wav files at least. (supposed to work i hope)

    From what i know, some files on the french disc differs from the english one when I tried long time ago to install it on the old 64bit tutorial, it may explains why your patch is not fully supported.

    If you have time to fix the other releases of the game, it would be so awesome! I can provide the french iso in private if necessary. If it works perfectly on the US version, it should work easily on the others game release, no reason to be buggy.

    By the way, does the multiplayer on Windows 8.1 works with IPX? I’ve never been able to get this game mode working on Windows Vista on my very old laptop. If you have a link/tutorial for this, please share :)

    Thanks again for all! You rule!

  47. jedi-ctx says:

    I managed to get Multi-Players mode working with a Windows 7 computer and Windows 8.1 computer, here’s the tutorial :

    1) Download IPXrapper :

    Copy all files into folder containg RACER.EXE except “readme.txt”, “license.txt” and “changes.txt”.

    2.1) If you are running 64bit Windows :

    Run the file “directplay-win64.reg” you have copied previously, then click on “YES”

    2.2) If you are running 32bit Windows :

    Run the file “directplay-win32.reg” you have copied previously, then click on “YES”

    3) Exec “ipxconfig.exe”, in Network Adapters, choose an adapter containing a word like “WIRELESS”, be sure to use the card using your current network

    4) Be sure that in options : “Enable Windows 95…” is checked and check “Automaticaly create Windows Firewall exceptions”

    5) Click on “Apply” then “OK”

    6) Disable your Windows Firewall for the test on the 2 computers

    7) Run your usual Star Wars Racer game (working on all kind of SWEP1CR!), if you can access to Multi-Players mode and host and launch a game, all is good, I don’t know if Star Wars Racer can display error for launching an hosted game.

    8) Do the same thing on the other computer, host a game on one computer, try to join on the second. If it’s unpossible to join a computer, try to host on the other computer and let the other join. This is know bug, only one computer can see the other connected.

    – When you exit the game, if you have a Windows Firewall message and try to relaunch the game, else disable your windows firewall for the test
    – The friend pod racer can be displayed a bit laggy, even on original Windows 98 LAN it’s like this (and worst), don’t worry, this is still playable.

    – For exiting a race in Multi-Players, escap doesn’t work and the game say to use “Control+Q”, however on my french keyboard it’s “Control+A” despite i’m using the english version, weird qwerty/azerty bug.

    – Launch the Multi-Players mode, if you don’t have the 4 last races, do this :

    Download this save :

    Copy the file to this kind of path :

    Go to Tournament mode with this save, do the second race Moon Gaza, finish it first and all multi-players races can be playable.

    Enjoy and good luck!

    Supposed to work also with 3 up to 8 players but not tested.

  48. jedi-ctx says:

    Tutorial to apply french language over the english game previously patched :

    – Insert your original french game on your cd drive
    – Find the file “racer.TAB” in “DISK_LETTER:\gnome\data”
    – Then copy it to your star wars racer path in the data folder

    Supposed to work also on German/Spanish/Italian relase too since all is translated in this file!


    For people playing the no-cd, copy the CD data in “gnome\data\wavs\Music” to the game folder in order to have no glitchy music.

  49. kschab says:

    Great job! It installed without any issues and runs smoothly. I only had the “No sound card detected” problem but solved it with your hint – running as administrator. Thanks a lot!
    (Windows 7 64bit, Radeon HD6470M)

  50. qpalzm says:

    works good for me. windows 7 lap top 64bit.
    I race for like 30 sec then i cant turn right. but i can turn left. some wierd complex prblems on this one lol

  51. Ferdish says:

    Hi, I tried Dxwnd for running the game and it works, however, an annoying thing in the game is happening – in the game I always see two mouse cursors, a Windows-one and In-game one in every part: in main menu, options menu, select racer menu, I can see the Windows one even through the race and I still have to move it on the edge of the screen. I tried to play with “hide cursor” and “show cursor” options in Inupt tab, but nothing works so far. Any suggestions how to get rid of that?

  52. Cristian says:

    Thank you so much! It work really good, with the fixed launcher in windows xp sp2 compatibility mode, on 8.1. First real good solution for this I found.

  53. Clemente says:

    Ok. I downloaded the first link and run it. It says I need the CD. I don’t have the CD and I don’t know where to get one through internet. I’m sorry :(

  54. William says:

    Hi guys, I downloaded the game, tried to install……
    system says (I can`t Find Star Wars Racer CD!)
    What now?

  55. Kyle says:

    The fixed installer works for me! Windows 8.1 x64 AMD 1100t with Radeon HD6850. Running it in compatibility mode (Win xp sp2). It takes a good 2-3 minutes to start. But once it does, it plays great! Thanks! Well…except there are two cursors. But I just shove them in the corner and ignore them.

  56. Sebulba says:

    If you guys want to play the game online, i’ve created a forum at :

    The current server can have 32 players online on Racer!
    Feel free to join!

    • Diego German Meynet says:

      Hey bro!!! i wanna fucking join forever!!! but sadly, the server seems to be down at the moment. how can i join?

  57. Leggir says:

    Initially I used your installer and tried both SWEP1RCR.EXE files. The patched one just hung and did nothing. The original worked but only at low resolution. Playing around more I found the best way below:

    Mounted the IMG. Used your installer. Made a backup copy of the original SWEP1RCR.EXE. Installed the graphics patch. Then deleted the patched SWEP1RCR.EXE with the one from the backup. Works great. Thanks for everything.

  58. BUDA20 says:

    I managed to make the game work perfectly fine using DXWnd and a custom config in Windows 7 x64, I notice since I have a GTX 970 (the installer with wine emulation in this page stop working after I replace my old AMD card) that:

    *the game needs to be limited to 60 FPS in Nvidia Inspector in order to work, if not, the white bug appears again (vsync is not working so fps limiting is needed)

    I copied the music folder too, so no need for the CD.

    I use the NoCD exe version from *SNIP – Warez sites not allowed here*.

    I also override “16xS [Combined: 2×2 SS + 4x MS]” + “Supersample” to improve the anti-aliasing and image quality.

    The Game works ay 62 FPS (when limited to 60) this is actually good because it reduces screen tearing.

    My dxwnd.ini: (correct the path matching your own)

    title0=Star Wars Episode I Racer BUDA20
    path0=J:\Star Wars Racer\SWEP1RCR.EXE

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Thanks for sharing that, it’s almost as if this game needs a different setup for everyone’s PC.

    • BUDA20 says:

      Year later, windows 10 x64, I forgot about the frame limiting that I discover, so I found that in 640×480 or 800×600 no frame limiting is need, but if you want more, limit the FPS.

  59. VirtuaIceMan says:

    Just to add my confusion to the mix… I get random crashes back to desktop as any version of the game starts, but I get the same with a selection of games from the era, so I suspect there’s something else amiss with my PC setup, which I’ll use other games to debug, eventually.

    Anyway just to add I managed to install the game by copying the CD contents into a desktop folder named the same as the CD-ROM (racer100_0) then replacing the setup.exe with the InstallShield 3 setup32.exe from, the game then installed fine.

    I had to edit the Registry strings though, to get the correct source paths (as it thought the CD-ROM was the desktop folder).

    My findings for the game were (when the game booted and didn’t crash on opening loading bar):

    – Original game (or patched 1.1 version or one supplied in installer above) = lots of black in bar scenes and white in racing
    – Original game using dgVoodoo’s latest WIP scaling dlls (from = bar scenes fine, but racing has white screen, however it does enable GSYNC on my monitor, meaning the rendering is working at least properly
    – Original game with WINE patch above = all graphics fine enough, but runs too fast framerate

    I’ll come back to this one in due time, once I’ve solved the “random crash” bug I get (with games like NFS Porsche 2000/Unleashed, NFS Hot Pursuit 2, Breakneck, Carmageddon TDR2000, Grand Touring, South Park Rally, Supercar Street Challenge, etc. I know many of these work on Win7 64bit but not on my specific PC (which is My PC spec: Win8.1, i7-4970K (not overclocked) MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 980, Creative Soundblaster ZX, 16GB RAM, Asus Z98-A motherboard, ROG Swift GSYNC monitor), so I think there’s something in my setup and/or background processes causing issues for these few games (hundreds of others work well)

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Was there something preventing you using my replacement installer?

      For the framerate, can’t you just force VSync on?

      • VirtuaIceMan says:

        I just like doing my own solutions, heh. I did the same again, then used dgVoodoo (version 2.52, I know a newer one is out) and it works without black or white issues at 144hz even (GSYNC). So that’s cool!

        • VirtuaIceMan says:

          Oh, there is a small issue of the Windows mouse pointer showing, but you can just move that to the bottom of the screen.

  60. peapod says:

    i was having difficulties trying to play this game from the disc, so i’m extremely grateful to those involved with making this patch.
    i do, however, have a small problem.

    when trying to race, the ‘boost’ doesn’t seem to be able to function. the ‘bar’ simply flickers when the correct buttons are pressed, and is very rarely able to actually fill the bar (with the red colouration).

    i’ve searched around and others seem to have experienced the same problem. however, they did find a patch (made by LucasArts) which solved the problem (along with the ‘white screen’), but the patch has long since gone.

    can anyone offer any advice? i would be extremely grateful.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Did you install using our very latest installer? That comes with the latest patched version of the game that LucasArts produced.

      • peapod says:

        not initially. to begin with, i installed the original (to see if it worked) and not the updated one. i’d appreciate some instructions regarding installing with the updated patch.

  61. peapod says:

    i’ve just uninstalled your original patch, and downloaded the latest version of WineD3D. i am, however, unsure of the next step.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Well as I said before, easiest way is to simply backup any save games then uninstall, then reinstall using the latest replacement installer.

      If you want to patch it manually yourself you will need to use a hex editor and follow the instructions in WineD3D.

  62. peapod says:

    i would appreciate a direct link to the newest installer, as i cannot seem to find it in the article above.

    either that, or i’ve been using the newest all along.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      The link is in the article above under “installation”, not really hard to spot I don’t think :)

      It was updated January 12th 2015 so unless you installed the game after that date you almost certainly have an old version.

      • peapod says:

        ah, no. perhaps i should’ve mentioned that i only just installed the patch (a couple of days ago), so i must be using the updated one.

        still, i have this boost problem. if LucasArts’ patch didn’t influence it, do you have any ideas?

        • patryckpo says:

          If you read the comments you can see that each person has a different glitch on running the game. Try reading up the comments to see if you can fix it.

          “… it’s almost as if this game needs a different setup for everyone’s PC.” BuckoA51

  63. peapod says:

    i’ve already read up, yes, but couldn’t find anything. there’s a couple of topics around about the subject, but none of them have been of much help.

  64. Terrence M. Green says:

    2/6/15 Just used the new Installer you have created Jan 2015. Wow!! Windows 8 machine on a DELL XPS and using a 46″ HD TV. 1280 x 1080 resolution was selected as on option on the installer. It filled my Widescreen with no overscan issues. So that part seems to work ok. Marvelous!! The cut scenes have sound. Once running in the game, no sound. I clicked on the Fix-exe icon to run as administrator and it the sound did not take. Still messing around with it. Restarting the computer again just to make the sure the administrator feature sticks. I tried running the game using the original game icon provided with the new installer…no dice. Video is crappy and same sound issues. So, with the Fix_exe icon provided the screen display is gorgeous as I remember. Video is smooth as I have a GeForce 760 card. Cutscenes are just fun to watch with that incredible sound track, but when I am ready to race…no sound. That’s it.
    Everything else with the game seems to run marvelously. Just amazing. Thank you and everybody for getting to relive the game again. Just running the Boonta eve classic will be enough!!!

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Do you get “No sound card detected” in the games options then?

      With the default install the games graphics will be stretched out of proportion in 1080p mode unless you put your TV/Monitor into 4:3 aspect.

      • Terrence M. Green says:

        Bucko A51…Hi I just responded in a brand new post.
        I still get the No sound card detected in the game option.
        All I had to do was enable my onboard sound. Years ago I must have turned it off.
        As far as the monitor goes….when your new game installer gave me a couple of boxes to check for resolution I went with the biggest I saw…I thought it was 1920 by 1080, but maybe not. Well…whatever that was…check it!!! Anyway the game plays in something that fits the widescreen fully. So, I don’t have any black bars at the top and bottom…ok, that probably is fullscreen, then not widescreen….but it looks great on the 46″. I have everything in High mode and through my Nvidia card got some anti-aliasing working for me. Now to try some 3D glasses with it. Samsung TV I have has its own built in 3D, I don’t use the Nvidia game card’s. That is an NVidia GT760 (from Nvidia itself) Well…anyway…your new Jan 2015 installer is the bomb!! I think I am with Windows XP compatibility SP3, I think that was. I also run the game with Administrator when starting it. I do believe I tried the Vista compatibility with it. Have not tried the Windows 8 compatibility option.

        Hope this helps!!

  65. Jeffen says:

    alwaqys had the rdroid gnome problem and after the latest patch i was finally able to enter the game for the first time after disabling my other monitors.

    now can get into the game with the Play Star Wars Racer (Original) shortcut but not the fixed one (odd)
    but i get this messed up graphics now..
    Changing the compatibility colour mode didnt help as i just got the rdroid gnome error back again. :/

  66. Jeffen says:

    I got the Fixed version to work once.
    now im just restarting it to try and get it to work again but i keep getting stuck on the blue loading bar, sometimes it loads up a 1/4 of the way and sometimes 9/10 of the way but it never finishes.

  67. Jeffen says:

    got it to work once again but now its extremely slow to turn right but turning left works just fine

  68. Jeffen says:

    i got the steering to work by using a joystick instead of the keyboard.

    i notice now that the game moves at a faster speed, like 2x or 3x the speed or something… any fixes for the speed?

  69. SLAVEZERO100 says:

    I am having trouble with steering right as well and i can’t figure out anything also the menu controls with the keyboard move insanely fast.

  70. Terrence M. Green says:

    Game works perfectly now using the fix_exe Icon only. Trashed the original Icon that was given. Enabled the onboard Sound chip in BIOS in addition to a USB BOSE sound system by itself and or a HDMI cable from NVidia Game card to a Samsung TV.
    going into the Game settings and enabling all the Audio stuff. I have widescreen 1920 x 1080.
    and awesome sound. Using an xBox 360 controller for PC. It makes the turns a little scary but getting better. Loading the SAVE feature of the game too, this seems to keep my progress ok.

    Just have to say. It has been just over 10 years since I played this game. I am so glad you talented guys figured something out. I need to consider a donation. Thanks so much!
    Terrence M. Green

    • Terrence M. Green says:

      Like to make a correction that its FULLSCREEN but at some High resolution that looks very nice and a little forced anti-aliasing through NVidia is sweet. No tearing or distortions. Game likes to go to the disc every once in a while…just a very small delay in the screen but only once or twice.

      • BuckoA51 says:

        If you set 1080p mode with the installer it will fill the screen but it’s just the regular 4:3 assets stretched to 16:9. Some TVs/Monitors will let you put the bars back at the sides for proper aspect ratio.

    • Terrence M. Green says:

      Boost works fine on the X360 controller. Gotta get going real fast to enable the boost then down on the right mini joystick and away I go!

  71. Lee says:

    Thank you thank you! I have held onto my Star Wars Racer cd for 14 years in the hopes that one day I would be able to play it again.. and you have made it work! I ran the fixed EXE on Windows 8.1 with an Nvidia card and it works without any issues. (All my previous attempts on pc’s with nvidia resulted in screen white-out with sound effects.) Thanks again!

  72. Matt says:

    Really struggling to get this game running properly I can get the SWEP1RCR.exe to load up fine but upon starting a game I get the white screen problem that a few people including yourselves have mentioned. Frustratingly if I try to load up the SWEP1RCR-fix.exe program I instantly get an error message “Direct3D error – No 3D hardware found” when I first loaded up the original SWEP1RCR.exe I had a similar message on the pop up screen where you can configure your settings, start game etc. saying I needed to configure my 3D settings however no such luck when launching this .exe. I have tried the DXWnd method of running the game but have only got the game to load when I use the racer.exe extension to load the game rather than the SWEP1RCR.exe extension that the guide instructs. I’m running windows 8 on a laptop and have searched numerous websites downloading the last patch from lucas arts to downloading a direct x control panel that apparently can help lower the graphical capabilities in line for the game to run smoothly, unfortunately but nothing works. I know your guide makes it very clear of the difficulties that getting this game to work can incur and that even yourselves simply haven’t been able to get it to run on certain machines, but I’m desperate to play this classic game again and any other avenues or possibilities you can think of that I could try I would be willing to give it a go.

    • Terrence says:

      Hi, I think the 3D error is really odd and certaintly unexpected. Just a suggestion, remove the program entirely, clean up the clutter if you have a program that does that, then start over cleanly.
      Every great once in a while that helps. And go slow. Any virus programs interfere with stuff too. I usually disconnect from Internet, close any other running programs and then start game installs clean. Then I connect. Steam games are the exception, but for these old games, this is what I do.
      Also, when the new fix program runs and get the small splash screen, go slow to look at the options. Then select as you would. I almost missed my splash screen to tweak the settings, being so giddy about playing the game.

  73. LetsDoChaos says:

    I have a problem when i run “SWEP1RCR.EXE” my screen is black and i can´t see any cutscene then when the game is started i can see the menu but when i select my profile and start a race i´m getting the whitescreen problem :/

  74. FuzzyEarmuffs says:

    I keep getting the r_build gnome release not working. I have tried both the fixed version and the original with wnd version. I dont have a CD. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  75. Makowsky says:


    I have a problem with this game: I can’t run FIXED version, because it shows “Direct 3D Failure”.
    I don’t have nVidia/AMD GPU right now (I will buy some next month), I’m using integrated Intel HD Graphics.
    Do I need better hardware for fixed version? Original version works almost fine, but there are graphics issues, like big white area in front of my POD Racer, which makes this game unplayable ;p

    Thanks for any tips! Also thanks for making this game on modern PC’s. I really miss this game!

  76. Sieb says:

    Hi! This is the first time since 10 years ago I can play this game, this is awesome!!
    Sadly I have the steering problem too. When I try to turn right, the vehicle barely responds. Also, I can’t use the boost.
    Any idea how to fix this?

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Keyboard or gamepad? Have you tried manually reconfiguring the controls?

      • Sieb says:

        Hi, thanks for your reply. I’m using a keyboard, and I’ve tried reconfiguring the controls, but the problem still occurs. However, I found out that the problem seems to come from the game running too fast. It happens almost all the time (I managed to play normally only once, and it didn’t last). For example it makes some animations in menus or the countdown at the beginning of a race going faster than usual. I don’t know why, but the fact that the game runs faster seems to be related to the steering problem. The only time I could play normally, the game was running at normal pace and I could turn right as intended.
        Perhaps it’s because of my 64 bits Windows 7. I ran the game with my laptop (32 bits Windows 7) and the game works fine (though it can’t save my progress, which is a shame. I had to play the whole game without stopping to complete it :p)

        • patryckpo says:

          Try running the game as Administrator: Right-click the application and choose “Run as Administrator”; or else, try installing the game elsewhere in your computer (e.g. your user folder), it should save normally now

  77. Obert says:

    I tried the installer but it keeps asking me to put the cd in the reader (and yes, it’s in it!) I think it’s because i got 3 games on one dvd (Star wars Episode I DVD collection). any clue?

  78. Christ says:


    Dunno if anyone reads this but I have a physics issue. The pod seems to be “glued” to the ground, meaning the pod doesnt shift smoothly to a surface in a different angle, and I cannot steer in the anti-grav tubes, meaning I will surely crash into each rock. It suddenly happened to be like that 3 days after I installed it on my Laptop. Any ideas how to fix that?

    • Strange indeed. Any other programs running in the background while playing. What I mean is something taking your video card’s attention. Now, for the fact that a laptop video card is built in and usually “streamlined for economy” in a machine like that otherwise it could bake an egg from being so hot. What to do now is just carefully check the settings in the game. Experiment only one change at a time and see how it performs for that particular race. Usual standard stuff is to have the latest video driver as well. Interesting to note that the device being used to control the pod racer could also be having some sort of glitch when switching to “tube arial” like that. For me one time my device was near failure…or so dirty…the contacts inside were filthy (dust boot was torn) and then also the contacts inside were just plain wore out from a lot of play. Remember when troubleshooting, simplify everything as much as possible to find the culprit. Reduce all the effects, minimize the number of keys….reduce the load on the game and the device your are using.
      Listen to your machine if it really starts to speed up to keep cool when this goes on. Right in there, the video chip is needing more power and can have game glitches when the rest of the laptop or pc tries to give the card or chip what it wants. When a game switches scenes…it could be a memory thing also. See if you have the Maximum memory going to the chip or card for gaming. Allow as much as you can.
      Post if you have continued trouble.

      • BuckoA51 says:

        The amount of problems this game has is really absurd. Thanks to everyone in the comments for their suggestions and help.

        • patryckpo says:

          Different computers have different specs, and this game has compatibility issues with almost every single combination. Luckily some (like me, and you, I guess) can run flawlessly (almost) this game with that fix I’ve found. Anyway, too bad I can’t help anymore.

      • Chris says:

        thanks for your help Terrence,

        I indeed followed many steps and also included the ones of yours I did not think of yet. Also it should not be the problem with said copy, because I tried 2 others, all with the same problem. But thank you for your time, will keep trying.

        Cheers, Chris (not Jesus-Christ)

  79. YourDearestEigenvalue says:

    Except for a few graphical glitches now and then which I can live with (which might have disappeared since I put drawdistance back to 2) I have the game up and working on Windows 8, Intel Celeron, integrated graphics.

    I used DxWnd with Art of Nemesis’ config file and the original exe. It only works for 640×480 and 800×600 though, if I try this installer with 1024×768 the game doesn’t go fullscreen and appears as a windowed borderless 800×600 chunk of the game view (i.e. appears cropped). Yes, the video resolution limit in DxWnd is off. If you or anyone else has any suggestions I might try again but for now I’m pretty content with how it is working now :)

    As a big note for anyone who tries: Windows compatibility mode seems to break the zbuffer fix that DxWnd applies, i.e. I get the infamous white screen bug that way. I have no idea whether this is OS/hardware dependent.

    Thanks for your installer, I hope this article gets a follow-up with more tests someday!

  80. Kwijibo says:

    For those experiencing problems with ATI cards, to solve them just check “run in 256 colors” in the properties of the fixed.exe

  81. mohamed says:

    i loev the gem

  82. Binks says:

    I get the white screen bug on the Original and on the fix I get rdroid_gnome release build has stopped working followed by the game closing….

  83. Binks says:

    I fixed it, DXWind does work but will require settings to be changed based on the problem and the computer, but I have a save problem but I do not have the game downloaded in the Programfiles x86, It is installed in the C:/games folder

  84. Binks says:

    turns out the save problem is due to the anikin file not saving I can create another file and save fine, unless what I have in mind goes wrong, i should be fine.

    • Terrence Green says:

      Saving to another file name is what I discovered too. Anakin does not save well. My new one “Terry1” saves fine.

  85. Serafin98 says:

    Your installer is working great with one exception: the international Version will only install with the english language option. Is there a way to use your installer and still have another language installed?

  86. Serafin98 says:

    Hi Bucko,
    thanks for the offer. But since I’m not really a C gui programmer this could be a bit too heavy a task for me. On the other hand I could provide you with the directory structure of the international version, if you’d like to give it a try.

    • BuckoA51 says:

      It’s written in NSIS not C, pretty simple language. If anyone does want to try they’re welcome to of course.

      • Lyo says:


        I’m really interesting by the source code for make a French Setup :)

        Its possible to play this game with all languages :
        With NVIDIA :
        – Use the FIXED EXE.
        – If you got a write screen : Leave the game and right clic on the FIXED EXE, clic to “Run with graphics processor… NVIDIA”, not with the integrated.
        – If you got a green screen and some HUD bugs : Go in your game folder/data/lev01/ and replace “out_spriteblock.bin” by the English version of this file. Its the only one file wich isn’t compatible with others version than English.

        Good game ;)

        • BuckoA51 says:

          I’ll dig out the latest .nsi file for you, it’s pretty basic so if you’ve done Nullsoft installers before you should have no difficulty.

          • Lyo says:

            Okey, I will try to make a French Setup, and if you want I send you it.

            (Sry if my english isn’t good ^^ )

            • BuckoA51 says:

              Here’s the source –

              If you do make a French version I will happily host it here.

              (Your English is way better than my French ^^)

              • Lyo says:

                Thx :)

                I will try to find time for that, and send it there.

                • Bibi says:

                  Hi guys ! I’m french and love this game but doesn’t work on my computer..
                  Lyo if you create a french version I would love to try it !
                  Have a nice day

              • Lyo says:

                Hi BuckoA51,

                I started to program a modern internationnal setup with NSI, that contains all the parameters as possible for all version of Star Wars – Racer.

                And I need to know something to remove all bugs of different versions :

                As you got an english version of the game, I need your help. Have you a bug with that file in your game data ? (HUD bug, or in game bug, or something else)

                The file in question wich need to be in your game (its “out_spriteblock.bin” from “Data/Lev01/”

                • BuckoA51 says:

                  Some folks get the HUD bugs, yes, this game is very, very buggy. Why are you trying to link to a cracked/hacked version in your comment?

                  • Lyo says:

                    Because, isn’t the crack that interests me, but the file “out_spriteblock.bin” in the archive.

                    But I will host the file in another site.

                    And please tell me the difference in game between your original file and it :)


                    • BuckoA51 says:

                      What do you want me to do, take a MD5 hash of both files or..?

                    • Lyo says:

                      I just want to know if this file wich comes from the translated versions of the game, also works on the english version :)

                      In the setup, I want to put an option wich install this file for the french, german, spanish and italian versions. This file fix the HUD bug for these versions of the game.

                      And if this file works on the english version too, I can just install it for all version, and don’t need to put a special option in the setup.

                      So, as you got an english version of Star Wars Racer, you can tell me if this file make your game bug or no.

                      If the game works perfectly with this file, and you don’t have HUD bug, in game screen bug, or something else, then just tell me :)

                      This file need to be there :
                      “Star Wars Racer/Data/Lev01/out_spriteblock.bin”

                      Thanks :)

                      PS : How I can create an account for your site ? I don’t see the section for it.

                  • Lyo says:

                    I’m waiting your answer :)

  87. Joel says:

    The new patch worked perfectly fine for a while. The white screen is gone. However, I seem to have a problem with the keys. When scrolling down a list for example, pressing the down key skips all the options in between and goes straight to the last one. I can tell it runs through all the others first, but I cannot tap the key light enough for it to register once.

    Also, after my first race, the right key doesn’t seem to be as sensitive any longer. I cannot make sharp right turns, and can only hold my right key and wait for the racer to turn slowly.

    I’ve checked all my keyboard setting and they all seem to be fine

    • Darucas says:

      I’ve got those two issues as well, I also find boosting really hard without this wrapper. As to the right key, I tried three different key bindings, and indeed it does work the first time, or for a few seconds.

      But with dgVoodoo 2.43 (another wrapper, use it with the original .exe), controls are fine, both in menus and during races. It’s still not ideal visually though, fog is emulated with this wrapper (whether it’s a good or bad thing, it depends on taste), but lens flares/sun textures often show through the scenery.

      However, strangely, with the fixed .exe file, the mouse and pad controls work fine, and the pad is the only device I can use to easily select something in the menus! I’ve also tried WineD3D (last version) by itself on the original .exe file, following its readme (renaming ddraw.dll and hex-editing) – the results are the same as with the fixed .exe file. So I’d think its the Wine wrapper that has some issues there.

      That said, the installer did most of the work and this guide really is helpful, thanks!!

  88. VoltBoss says:

    Great solution for my rig in both Win 8.1 and Win 7 64-bit. Fantastic work of love from these developers. I knew I’d held on to my original install CD & jewel case for something for all these years. Once I retired my Windows 98 machines I thought I’d never experience the raw speed sweetness of ‘Racer’. Had to tweak the GPU scaling settings in Windows to keep it from stretching the image too much, but the game still looks way better that it ever did on those old 19-inch CRT’s. Laughed at how far PC gaming computers have come from Racer’s required 32 MB of RAM, Pentium 166. Worth tweaking your system to run this classic!

  89. THGhost says:

    Can’t get this to run at all. The original exe doesn’t load, the fan-made exe doesn’t load, the racer.exe loads fine but when I start a race none of the racers or any of the terrain show up. Everything is white.

  90. Kyle says:

    The 2.0 installer will not work on my fresh machine. The 1.1 installer with the fix launcher will with XP SP3 Compat. (Win 8.1. HD6850)

  91. deekay says:

    Hey guys i got this game WORKING 100%.

    Works for me on 64bit Windows 7 and NVIDIA GT 630m.

    All i did was manually adding the SWEP1RCR-FIX.EXE into the Nvidia control panel list “Use NVIDIA GPU”, because the default prefered graphic card were the Intel HD gfx. Before this fix i had the rdroid_gnome build stopped working crap.

    Those with nvidia card – try this out and lemme now if it worked. Good luck

    • deekay says:

      Oh and also – to avoid game running to fast – force VSync enabled in Nvidia control panel.

      • Draken Stark says:

        Just got a new machine and had trouble getting the game to run on Windows 10. Thought it was the fix that no longer worked, but the NVidia setting worked with the FIX exe file. Only issue I have now, even with the VSync enabled, is the keys issue explained by Joel. Not sure how to go about the issue since I’ve used a controller to emulate key presses. Hope there’s a fix or solution for the issue.

    • Terrence Green says:

      I had to do this too.

  92. Josh says:

    I get this when I run as admin :/

  93. Ryan says:

    Thank you for this. Easy install with the new patch, and after fixing my Games folder (had to change it off read-only to be able to save) everything seems to work decently, except the controls in the gravity tunnels. Like another user, I am stuck dead center and have very limited control. This makes the track “Vengeance” impossible, as you will always hit a certain rock in the second tunnel and then spawn inside of it, being forever trapped. Just about put my controller through a wall before I checked back here and saw someone else had the same error.

    Frustrating, but still, at least most of the game works. Here’s my system specs:

    MOBO: Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming 5
    CPU: Intel i5-4690K 3.50GHz
    Memory: 2x Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM (16GB)
    GPU: 2x Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 STRIX (running in SLI)
    Storage: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB; Toshiba DT01AC200 2TB
    Windows 8.1 Pro

  94. Hello there!

    I recently came across this and wanted to give it another go.
    I inserted the disk, launched through the SWEP1RCR.exe, and after a couple of seconds, rdroid_genome stopped working.
    then I launched through SWEP1RCR-FIX.exe, and it does basically the same, but it crashes as soon as the blue bar shows up. Letting is sit there for a while doesn’t work.
    Ran it as admin, set compatibility as Windows XP SP3, 256 colours, screen res at 640×480, disabled visual themes, nothing is working.

    W7 64 bit
    i7-3820 @ 3.6 GHz
    16GB RAM,
    AMD Radeon HD7970

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong ?

  95. BenJanskii says:

    the game is running perfectly fine now! the only issue now is that I can’t see past the pod. the controls and graphics seem to be all good but past the pod it’s just all white. How can I fix this?

  96. Eric Alvarado says:

    My game opens smoothly and the graphics are fine and visible until I get to choosing a podracer and racer, all the stats come up, but the racer and pod don’t appear, and in the actual race all I can see is the shadow of the pod, i can compete in the race but I cant see anything. Its a blank colored screen. All I see is the shadow and the mini map. what should I do?

  97. Ace Rimmer says:

    Hi, thank you for this installer, what a gem of a game this is. After fighting with it all day, I have managed to get the fixed version running on my Windows 10 machine, and despite several problems, it is playable. I have however come across an issue that has quickly halted my joy in playing this brilliant game again. I have just got to the first race on Oovo IV with the anti gravity sections. No matter what I do, I lose all control except for the roll axis when I enter these tubes. This means I got straight down the center of them and inevitably crash into the rocks. Unfortunately, I then re-spawn inside these rocks forcing me to quit the race. This is very frustrating as you can imagine and I have attempted it about 10 times now with no luck. The keyboard has no effect either. Has anybody else experienced this? Or better yet, have a solution? I am using an Xbox one pad and the nose up/down does work outside of these tubes, all be it it needs reversing which I have no idea how to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  98. Kal-El says:

    Hi! I tried all of the steps described and nothing works!
    Like many, I’m experiencing the “rdroid_gnome release build has stopped working”. The blue load bar appears but after that the “rdroid_gnome” message pops up.
    Please help! I really want to play this game! :'(
    PD: I could install The Phantom Menace with your guide, no problems.
    {Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.}

  99. Jalaal says:

    Hello! I’m having an issue, and I’ve noticed a few people above are having it as well, where the game runs fast and I am not able to boost or make right turns. It was working perfectly for a couple of days and today when I tried it, it had problems. I’m not sure what to do to fix this as I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it in a different location and have tried running it in various compatibility modes. The original file seems to work for the most part except for the graphics issues. I’m currently running Windows 8.

    Please let me know if you have any solution for this problem or if you need more information from me to come up with a reasonable solution.


    • Ace Rimmer says:

      Do you have any other controllers plugged in at all? Try removing all unnecessary USBs. I had the left turn issue and it drove me mad, it turned out it was a conflict due to my Saitek combat rudder pedals being plugged in. Once I unplugged them, all was fine with the controls. The boost is iffy, it isn’t set to the button advertised on my xbox one controller and I have to actually brake to disengage it, but it is playable.

  100. Michael says:

    Ehm… The installer keeps saying it can’t find the CD.
    I know I should “mount the CD-image”, but WHAT is the CD-image??
    I’ve mounted different files to Virtual CloneDrive, but it all doesn’t seem to be it.

    What exactly do I mount?? And does Virtual CloneDrive even do that?…

  101. layzer253 says:

    I messed around with the updating the wined3d files and updated to 1.7.54 and the game launches much quicker. All versions after that so far up to 1.8 rc3 claimed it could not find any 3d hardware. Copy the dxgi, ddraw, libwine, and wine3d dll files from the newer versions into the racer game folder and overwrite the older versions. Delete the existing odraw.dll and rename your new ddraw.dll to odraw.dll. Tested on Windows 10×64 w/980ti. Now if only I can get the game to run in 4k…

    • Terrence Green says:

      Installing the game using the new Wine 3D and updating the executable .dll files: I think I am done, click on the fixed racer icon and I instantly get the dark screen of death! using task manager tobget back to main screen, I then find a message box that says 3D Hardware was not detected. Ok. what now?

  102. Neoscout says:

    CHANGE TO 256 COLORS for the fix.exe if you are stuck in a infinite black screen after launching it, it worked for me.

  103. Erdinc says:

    Hi. I found your solution to widescreen BuckoA51. You just need to edit regedit and change the resolution there ;) (hacking the exes didnt work for me neither!)

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC\Star Wars: Episode I Racer\v1.0\

  104. BigYundol says:

    I’ve got run SW:R on my Win7 x64 too.

    The installer you’ve posted above was very helpful to install the game from my original german-CD. In my system runs a Phenom II 965 BE@3.8Ghz with an AMD 270x @1.185Ghz. So overclocking shouldn’t be a problem.

    First the game didn’t start with the fixed .exe, only with the original one. But as I replaced the included “wrapper” with dgVoodoo 2.45 ( the fixed .exe runs too:
    – After installing with the patch above, delete libwine.dll, odraw.dll, wined3d.dll & dxgi.dll in games folder.
    – Copy D3Dlmm.dll, DDraw.dll & dgVoodooSetup.exe from dgVoodoo-Zip into game folder. The first two files you will find in the “MS”-subfolder.
    – Rename DDraw.dll to odraw.dll
    – With dgVoodooSetup.exe you can (un-)check some fixes or set the resolution.

    I’m now able to play the game smooth with VSR-Resolution (Downsampling) @2560×1440 and 8x AA. The picture may be stretched a bit, but this isn’t really annoying :D

    Further I’d complained some problems with the gui, but in the comments I read, german-release itself could be the problem. So, replacing “out_spriteblock.bin” from an english Image solved this problem too. You find english Images as “abandon”-ware easily per google/ecosia too (at end of 2015).

    There are still some small clipping failures at race start, but they are not annoying the gameplay :)


    Ich hab’ SW:R auf meinem Win7 x64 zum laufen gebracht.

    Der Installer den Du oben gepostet hast war sehr hilfreich, um das Spiel von meiner original deutschen CD zu installieren. In meinem System arbeitet ein Phenom II 965 BE@3.8Ghz und eine AMD 270x @1.185Ghz. Übertaktete Systeme sollten daher kein Problem sein.

    Am Anfang startete das Spiel nicht mit der gefixten .exe, sondern nur mit der originalen Datei. Aber als ich den im obigen Patch beinhalteten “Wrapper” durch dgVoodoo 2.45 ersetzte, lief das Spiel auch mit der gefixten .exe-Datei.
    – Nachdem das Spiel mit dem obigen Patch installiert wurde, lösche libwine.dll, odraw.dll, wined3d.dll & dxgi.dll im Spiele-Ordner.
    – Kopiere D3Dlmm.dll, DDraw.dll & dgVoodooSetup.exe aus der dgVoodoo-Zip-Datei in den Spieleordner. Die ersten beiden Dateien findest Du im Zip im Unterordner “MS”.
    – Benenne DDraw.dll in odraw.dll um.
    – Über die dgVoodooSetup.exe kann Du verschiedene Fixe an-/abhaken oder die Auflösung einstellen.

    Ich kann jetzt das Spiel flüssig mit VSR (Downsampling @2560×1440 und 8x AA spielen. Das Bild mag etwas gestreckt sein, das stört aber keinesfalls :D

    Weiter beklagte ich ebenfalls Schwierigkeiten mit dem Grafik-Interface. Aber in den Kommentaren las ich, dass daran der deutsche Release an sich erst das Problem sein könnte. Also “out_spriteblock.bin” aus einem englischen Image in den Spiele-Ordner kopiert und das Problem war ebenfalls gelöst. Du findest sehr einfach ein englisches Image als sog. “Abandon”-Ware mittels google/ecosia (Stand Ende 2015)

    Es gibt noch ein paar Clipping-Fehler beim Rennstart, sie stören das Gameplay jedoch nicht.

  105. Fynnmellex says:

    Ok. After hours of try and error I managed to get the game running. But only in 800×600 resolution and somehow the game doesn’t save as it should. Even the config tool has it’s problems to accept changes, I can’t say why though. Right now everything seems to be working as it should except for the fact, that nothing I do is saved.
    I tried changing the resolution through all the possibilites you’ve listed in the article, but none of them have worked so far, I didn’t try to hack the .exe though, as I’m not sure if I’m able to pull that one off. I don’t need full hd support, but a little bit better graphics would’ve been great, because thats the only reason I’m trying to get it to work on pc :P Before I forget to mention it, the problem with the resolution is, that any other resolution other than 800×600 ends up messing up the whole interface or putting the whole gamescreen to the lower right end of my screen cropping a big chunk of it off the screen. Any idea how to fix this?

    Nontheless this is a great patch and I admire your work! It’s great to see, that some people still care about old classic games.

    • Fynnmellex says:

      Oh I still forgot something to mention: the game is installed to the default directory in C:/games. so there shouldn’t be any problems with saving any changes… Sorry to bother you guys :)

      • Fynnmellex says:

        I managed to figure out the saving problem. Google really IS your friend if you know how to use it… Apparently the game won’t save anything if you play on the default ‘anakin’ profile. You HAVE to create a new profile to play with. Now everything works fine. Except for my resolution problem, which I mentioned above. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience…

        • BuckoA51 says:

          Have you tried explicitly running the game as administrator?

          • Fynnmellex says:

            Multiple times. Runnning both the fixed and the original .exe files. I must say though, the original .exe works better for me than the fixed one, as the fixed one doesn’t start up at all. Even when everything else is closed and disabled as you suggested in the troubleshooting section.

  106. Casad says:

    Hey Guys!

    I downloaded the installation file but it’s askin for the CD.. What am I supposed to do now? There is only an .exe file what I downloaded.

  107. Ace Rimmer says:

    Any ideas about the loss of control in the anti gravity tunnels? I occasionally explode for no reason also, especially going over curbs and ramps etc. So it may be linked to the complaints some had about sticking to the track?

  108. Kusaywa says:

    Would it be possible for the developer of “Install-SWEP1RCR” to include in the program, No CD Cracks and copy the gnome/data/anims folder and the gnome/data/wavs/Music folder into the install directory (C:\Games\Star Wars Racer)? I installed Star Wars Racer from a CD using “Install-SWEP1RCR” and then copied over No CD Cracks and the 2 folders needed for the cracks to work. I didn’t have to Mount or use the CD when playing the game. It worked GREAT! BTW, Thanks for this program to get Star Wars Racer to work on my 64bit Windows 7.

  109. Ben says:

    Hello, this is great, really awesome to get that game back after so much year, but, i got a problem in the game, i can’t get my 360 pad to work, it tell me always “no joystick detected” it drive me crazy… Any solution for it ?


  110. kaiiboraka says:

    This updated version works wonderfully, thank you so much.

    I have a question though… has anyone figured out how to change the “reserved” controls? E.g., change map view is hard bound to caps-lock for some reason, and I was wondering if anyone knew where those settings were stored and if they were at all changeable. I really hate using CAPS LOCK ever for any reason. If not, nbd, just curious if anyone knew.

    Thanks again!

  111. Lyo says:

    Hi BuckoA51, have you see my messages ? :)

  112. Kily says:

    For years now, I tried everything to properly run/install Star Wars Episode 1 Racer with the help of your website; the only possibility that worked for me was the one suggesting DxWnd, but it still took a looong *exe-startup time, regularly produced weird bugs & only runs properly in Window Mode.
    2 weeks ago I found an interesting thread in a german Let’s-Play Forum: a user named Sagaras created an automated 32bit/64bit-Setup for Episode 1 Racer, which totally automated the installation (including installation of dgVoodoo, Registry Keys, HD Resolution Fix, Core Affinity for the *.exe file etc.)

    The installer works fine with the ISO of Episode 1 Racer (English/German/French/Multilanguage Version) and also with my original German CD I own. Additionally Sagaras also features a version for the Star Wars Episode 1 DVD Collection. The game works flawlessly and I did not discover any bugs yet.

    When the original CD is in the drive or the ISO is loaded be sure to start the Installer in ADMINISTRATOR MODE, otherwise essential Registry entries will not be made! You can find the installer here:

    If you’re not fluent in German I could provide you with english installation instructions, allthough most of the instructions are pretty self-explanatory.

    Best regards, Kily

    • Lyo says:

      Hi, thanks for this information :)

      I’m interresting with your german version, can you upload me two files for me pls ?
      I need it for integrate in the setup I’m doing actually.

      The two files wich are in your CD :
      – CD/Install/
      – CD/Gnome/Data/

      Thanks :)

      • Kily says:


        No problem, sure! Got the 2 files and uploaded them to tinyupload.

        Download Link

        rgrds, Kily

      • SagaraS says:

        The and are language files for the game.

        Run the setup in english for the english/us version, german for the german version and french for the french version.

        german and french have the *.tab files for the game language translation.

        the english/us version have this not. english/us is the original version without of translation files.

        • Lyo says:

          I know :)

          I’m searching all transtation files for make a setup wich integrate translation patch.

          So, I have English (default), French and German, I need Spanish, portuguese and italian now…

          If somebody have it, that could be fine if you could upload me that files :)

    • TJH says:

      That is awesome! It works perfectly with NO graphical glitches and widescreen too :)

    • PrinceLyon says:

      The game keeps freezing at the title screen for me. The opening cutscenes work fine but after that the game stops working. Anyone have any ideas as to what’s causing this?

  113. GreenSpaceman says:

    I keep getting “Can’t find the CD” messages. I checked that the CD was in, and then tried putting it in again, but to no avail. The BD-ROM Drive (E:) is empty when I open it in finder; no idea why. It is the original disk.

  114. ZoliV70 says:

    Hi! I always got that “rdroid_gnome release build has stopped working”. message and it **** me up. I’ve tried to edit the resolution with an hex editor, using that dgvoodoo2 but nothing works. Please help.

  115. Nick says:

    Does this game have Force Feedback?

  116. VanHeist says:

    Thank you master Jedi for fixing this awesome oldskool Star Wars game!
    For me, open as admin fixed most of the bugs.
    Even multiplayer works for me! =)
    Some bugs i experienced are the droid_gnome stopped working after watching all the into movies (click trough them and game loads fine) also in multiplayer i have had a weird thing where one of us could not see forward only backwards, this seems to happen randomly and opening settings seems to fix it somehow!
    Keep up the awesome work!

  117. SamB says:

    I know this will sound like a broken record but I’d REALLY appreciate the advice:

    I’ve been getting the same “rdroid_gnome has encountered a problem..” message so many on here have also gotten, immediately when I try to run Star Wars: Racer. It installs fine. It used to run on the same system (Windows XP Service Pack 2 32 bit) before my hard drive failed and I had to reinstall everything. I’ve tried all provided user patches, using dxwnd on original file, changed compatibility settings, updating drivers, and use of this tutorial, and I simply cannot remember what I did to get it to run back when I installed it the first time, 4 years ago! This computer has no internet access so its unlikely any update I didn’t know about.

    What gets me is why would I get the “rdroid_gnome..” message if it’s a 32 bit system? I know I’m overlooking something..

  118. tiago says:

    I have a problem with the track records. My profile works normally, saving my progress, but always i quit the game and reopen, all my track records are gone. I am using Windows 10 64 bits and already tried open in admistrator mode or installing in other locations. Let me know if someone knows how to resolve it. Ty

  119. Hunter (Soap) says:

    On level 6 of the first tournament, there is a section where the controls don’t even work. Its a part where you go kinda zero gravity. And there is no control whatsoever. I cannot progress through the game without a fix.

  120. Lifell says:

    I just tested the widescreen tweak and for me it works 100% on Windows 7 64 bit. You need to make sure sure however you don’t only edit the fixed .exe file. I edited the fixed ,exe file and the racer.exe. It didn’t work and I couldn’t set resolution to 1920×1080. Then I also edited the original .exe and I could select 1920×1080.


    1. Insert disc

    2. Download the badass patch from the post and use it to install the game. Follow instructions. It’s really basic and it should just work as a normal installer. Make sure to run as administrator and unblock the file (Right click > properties > general tab > check “unblock” > press apply > Compatibility tab > “Run as administrator” > Apply > Ok.

    For reference, I highly advice to run as administrator. The unblock is an extra thing and can be ignored in my whole step by step thing :).. If you don’t see it, don’t panic. Windows just didn’t “block” the file.

    3. Download HxD (Hexeditor). For safety of doing it right > Right click .zip file > properties > “general tab” check the “unblock” and press apply. Extract somewhere. Right click > properties > compatibility > run as administrator > Apply > Ok.


    4. Follow instructions ( to edit Racer.exe, SWEP1RCR-FIX.exe AND SWEP1RCR.exe. Do make backups. Always a good idea.

    5. Start “Racer.exe” go to “Hardware Configuration” and click “Display Settings”. Select 1920×1080 16BPP.

    6. Start the game.

  121. ArmorUnit says:

    Thx a lot!

    im very glad for found this page and i can play this game again!

    this is work for me

    but i had a problem
    (but already solved :D)

    if u got error when run this game with “createdxgifactory2.dll”, u can solve this problem very simply.

    just rename the txt file “dxgi.dll” to what u want(ex. from “dxgi.dll” to “dxgi1.dll”)

    dxgi.dll should be exist in “C : \ Games \ Star Wars Racer” If you installed to the default location

  122. Mak says:

    So, guys…

    Today is the day. Star Wars Racer for PC has ben re-released on GOG!

    For me it’s worth every dollar ;)

  123. anamyd says:

    Or, you know, just use an old PC to play all your old games on…? I have a 700MHz Pentium III machine with 192MB of RAM running Windows 95 OSR2 with 12MB Voodoo2 SLI for Glide (with 64MB GeForce 3 Ti/200 for primary and Direct3D) and AWE32 CT2760 sound to play old games on! What is the fun in trying to play them on modern PCs, LOL…

  124. Peter Kusaywa says:

    There is a GOG version of this that natively installs and works very well. Someone made an HD add-on which greatly improves font and lap/place position when in a race. Here’s a YouTube video.

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