Genre: Racing
Release Year: 2004
Developer: Supersonic Software
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Age Rating: 12+
Playability Status: Unplayable
Tested On: Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64
Availability: Copyright retained - Out of print/unavailable

Cars, guns, playground insults and multiplayer madness. Mashed has all these ingredients in spades. Up to four players can duke it out on the racetrack and win by fair means or foul.


To install Mashed, do not use the autorun on the CD. Instead, explore the contents of the CD in Computer and double click on the “Setup.exe” file. Mashed will then install without any issues on modern PCs.

Running the game

The installer will create shortcuts to a file called “Launch.exe”. If you find that you cannot start the game, browse to the Mashed installation directory and try the “MASHED.exe” file instead. Unfortunately we were not able to get this title running on our Windows 8 or Windows 7 PC. The game would start, then lock up on a white screen. Forcing our way back to the desktop, the game displayed an error that it “could not find output pin!”. Typically this is a media player error and we suspect the game is failing when trying to play the introduction movie.

One workaround for this problem is to use a dual-boot system. We found that a copy of Windows XP, running on exactly the same hardware, was able to play Mashed without any issues. A 32 bit version of Windows 7 also ran the game, though in this operating system we had to browse to the games directory and run the “Mashed.exe” program in order to start the game.

Can you submit a fix?

Know how to get this game working? Help the community by submitting a comment and letting us know!


  1. Tom says:

    Hey I found out how to get the game working using windows 7 x64! In my copy, I replaced the .mpg files found in the TOASTART/PC/MOVIES directory with a .mpg movie I downloaded online (just a sample .mpg) and it works fine! Love this game!

  2. Allen says:

    I have this working on Windows 7 x64. But… I am still troubleshooting it. It appears that it has issues when some peripherals are attached – specifically my four Logitech Dual Analog gamepads. When they are attached, the game won’t start at all (no black or white screen, no log messages in mashed.log). When they are removed, it works fine. So, I’m going to try different combinations of controllers (and maybe other hardware that is plugged in – maybe it can’t handle having more than 4 input devices + keyboard available) and see if I can get it working again. Oddly, I used to play this on a laptop with Windows 7 x64 (and earlier Vista x64) and had no troubles at all – including with these same four controllers. At one point, I thought the reason I couldn’t play this was because of a graphics card incompatibility (laptop had NVIDIA, desktop had ATI), but I can’t prove or disprove this theory anymore. Good luck to anyone else trying to play this fantastic game (time for a remake? or at least a stable GoG release…).

    • Allen says:

      Success! I removed a fifth controller that was connected (actually a virtualised controller) and now the game works fine on Windows 7 x64 with all four players using Logitech Dual Analog gamepads. Surprisingly, the game seemed to lag a little and show a fair amount of screen tearing on the highest resolution so I might need to drop it down a bit (this despite being on a brand new GTX 760).

      • BuckoA51 says:

        Interesting, we were never able to get the game to progress after the first intro movie in Windows 7. On our XP installation it ran just fine though. Maybe try running the game on only one core to combat the lag, might not have any effect but I highly doubt it’s lagging due to your card not being able to cope. As for a sequel/remake, you can check out Wrecked: Revenge Revisited on the Xbox 360 or PS3, but I didn’t personally think it was as good as Mashed.

  3. Ultrabloxx248 says:

    Error, every time I go through the setup it goes to 81% and says has a data error (cyclic redundancy check) I checked the file and it showed empty for me… I tried deleting but the disk is a read-only file, I must also mention that I set up off the official disk. (Because I’m lucky :D)

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Unfortunately that means your CD is damaged.

      • Ultrabloxx says:

        Ultrabloxx248 here,
        I recently got a new Windows 8 laptop, when I attempted to install the game I got the same error! ( has a data error) but if I were to load it up on my Windows XP computer… It seems to work fine! But that PC has stopped working recently, and I’ve really wanted to play it! Any info please?

        • Ultrabloxx says:

          I have found the best workaround is to simply download a digital copy (In which there are many) and use that, it works on my laptop just fine. But I have no idea how to play this game with two keyboards! Since I use a laptop I already have built-in keyboard, but plugging another one in doesn’t actually add another functional controller, but instead just piggybacks on the controls, therefor I can’t actually use other keyboards to play the game, any ideas?

  4. filgo says:

    I have backup of Mashed from
    good old times :-) in the form of cue and bin files. After mounting with Daemon Tools it installs and runs without problems. I have win7 64bit. If you want some files like videos from game I am able to upload somewhere. But it seems that issue is not in video files. I have install it in secondary hdd (non system) in Program Files (x86).

  5. RussaX says:

    is it possible to run this game multiplayer. I mean not split screan but with someone like over hamachi. is there any possibility?

    • filgo says:

      Sorry for saying that no net multiplayer presented. Only splitscreen. But best splitscreen I have ever played !!!

  6. VirtuaIceMan says:

    Definitely a codec issue, see discussion here, with possible fix:

  7. VirtuaIceMan says:

    Just ran the game fine (couldn’t use full widescreen max res on my screen though). All videos played. Am running Nvidia 980 card and no extra codec packages (except I installed Indeo 5 to get videos in RealMyst).

  8. morvern says:

    Got win xp 32-bit and couldnt start game, got the “Could not find output pin!” Error. uninstalled haali media splitter and then it worked. reinstalled it again and unchecking avi and mpeg and it still worked.

  9. Knightfury says:

    Comment:I dont know if this is going to help anyone. but the game works ( win 7 x32). I replaced all the mpgs with another mpg just like tom said. and it worked without unistalling any of the codecs and stuff.
    I downloaded the video from
    If anyone later wanted to play mashed even after 2018. just give it a try

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